Have you checked out the Splinterlands SKINS?

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 11 May 2021

Hey Splinterlanders! I hope all your battle seasons are shaping up nicely as we approach another round of big rewards in just 3.5 days!

We're all busy stacking/cracking packs and battling for rewards, but today I'd like to remind everyone about one of the unsung heroes of Splinterlands: Skins!

You can use Dark Energy Crystals to purchase alternate art skins of any of the Alpha/Beta Monsters and Summoners in your collection. A flat DEC fee per card skin is paid to unlock the skin forever, after which the skin will show in every one of your battles. On your Collection page, you can still toggle back and forth between the default skin and the Splinterstorm premium skin, but after you see these new pieces of card art doing their thing, you probably won't want to!





Splinterstorm is the only set of skins that has been released, and only for Alpha and Beta cards. By unlocking one skin, you'll be adding it to your collection for both Alpha and Beta cards. Discounts are available for purchasing whole rarity sets at a time, and pricing for individuals is listed below.


Commons - 1880 DEC
Rares - 4700 DEC
Epics - 9400 DEC
Legendaries - 18,800 DEC

It's been awhile since this first round of skins was released, and the team has been busy growing and developing higher priority aspects of the game, but skins will play a much larger role in the future of Splinterlands. Keep on the lookout for new skin updates! ;) There are many exciting things to come!


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See you on the battlefield!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

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