First ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Air-drop Card Revealed, Soon to be Released

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 11 Sep 2020

The ΛZMΛRÉ Dice set was released about two weeks ago and so far over 100M DEC have been burned in buying the packs. That's nearly 20% of the total DEC supply in circulation! On top of that, at the time of writing there are less than 10k Dice packs left until the first 50k are sold which means it's almost time for the first new card airdrop!

The airdrop will work very similarly to the Untamed airdrops we have been running, so if you have participated in those, then you should be familiar with the process. If you haven't participated in the Untamed airdrops, well then you're missing out!

There will be 5 ΛZMΛRÉ Dice card airdrops in total, one after each subsequent set of 50,000 packs are sold (excluding the last 50,000). The airdropped cards are planned to all be 1-Mana cost, Legendary rarity monsters for each of the five basic Splinters. The first of which is revealed below:

Introducing the Lensmaster


Airdrop Details

Each ΛZMΛRÉ Dice pack purchased will provide a 0.666% chance of receiving the new Lensmaster card. This leads to an average of one card airdropped per 150 Dice packs purchased.

In addition, in response to player feedback, players will be guaranteed to receive at least one Lensmaster card for EACH 150 ΛZMΛRÉ Dice packs purchased. For example, if you purchase 450 Dice packs, then you will receive a minimum of 3 Lensmaster cards.

Please note that this is different than how the previous Untamed airdrops have worked, and we hope it makes the airdrop distribution seem more fair for players who have purchased large numbers of packs while also still allowing players who have purchased small numbers of packs a chance at receiving the airdropped card.

Finally, as always there is a 2% chance (1 in 50) of each airdropped card being a Gold Foil version, and Alchemy potions cannot be used for airdropped cards, so be sure to bring out your lucky charms or lucky Mene boxes!

The airdrop will occur shortly after the first 50,000 ΛZMΛRÉ Dice packs are sold, and after the airdrop the Lensmaster card will be available to be found in ΛZMΛRÉ Dice packs as normal going forward.

Stay tuned for more updates from Splinterlands!


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