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Splinterlands DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) Explained

What is DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)?

DEC is the in game currency of the popular crytpo game Splinterlands. DEC is the main currency next to SPS (article explainng SPS Splinterlands SPS Explained

DEC can be earned through multiple ways in the game but the main one is through ranked battles.


How to earn DEC?

There are three ways to earn DEC. 

Ranked Battles: Starting at bronze 2 you can earn a bit of DEC every time you win a battle the amount of DEC you earn per battle depends on you league and your capture rate.

Daily Quests Chest: You can earn DEC by completing your daily quest when you complete you quest you can open a chest and you can sometimes get DEC from it.

End of Season Chests: At the end of each season you depending on what league your in you get a certain amount of chests and in some chests you can get DEC from them.

Burning Cards: You can burn the cards that you own for DEC though sometimes its better to rent them, out you can burn these cards for DEC the amount depends on how much the card is worth.

What you can do with DEC?

You can use DEC for various things but the main ways are:

  • Quest potions
  • Buying Cards
  • Swaping DEC


There are so many things you can do with DEC and and at the time of this article being written DEC is at $0.01445. and its pretty stable so its not a bad idea to invest into DEC. 


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Splinterlands Simplified
Splinterlands Simplified

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