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Malric Inferno - Splinterlands Summoner

Splinterlands Up Close & Personal Ruleset Battle - Malric Inferno

Malric Inferno of the Fire Splinter is an awesome Splinterlands Summoner, especially so when Mylor and Water (magic) splinter is not an option and also when the ruleset is Up Close & Personal which means only melee monsters can be used in battle, in low mana battles. He gives a +1 melee buff that does wonders for all melee monsters that are selected.

Malric Inferno

Malric Inferno - Splinterlands.png

Here is a battle where I chose to use Malric Inferno in a battle for Up Close & Personal ruleset in Splinterlands ranked battle.

Malric Inferno Battle.PNG

Here are the monsters I chose for this battle in order of their position:

Living Lava

Living Lava - Splinterlands.PNG

Living Lava is my favourite card to use in 1st position for Fire Splinter cause it has armour protection and 'Shield' ability which means reduced damage from melee and range (avoid playing this card as a front card when there are magic monster options available to the opponent as it is killed off pretty fast with magic monsters).

Battering Ram

battering ram - splinterlands.PNG

Battering Ram was my second card in this battle. It is an excellent monster to use with +1 melee buff. The reason I chose it is to accompany Serpertine Spy. These are both monsters with opportunity ability and always target the enemy monsters with the lowest health first. The reason I placed battering ram second is because of all the other cards I was willing to sacrifice battering ram next if Living Lave was killed. Also take note that if enemy has opportunity ability card, it will go for my lowest health monster. So from the front, Battering Ram would have been the target and not Serpentine Spy which I value more due its 3 melee attack. Battering ram is also an excellent card because you only need 2 mana to use him. Very useful in low mana battles.

Serpentine Spy

serpentine spy - splinterlands.PNG

Serpentine Spy is also my another favourite to use for Fire Splinter. I chose to place this card in 3rd position to keep it more safe from the first opportunity attack from the opponent (battering ram which has the same health as Serpentine Spy would have taken that first opportunity attack from the opponent's team if he had any such ability monsters. Serpentine Spy is also an excellent card because of its speed plus its ability to attack the enemy's lowest health monster. It also only use 3 mana so its great in low mana battles too.

Kobold Miner

kobold miner - splinterlands.PNG

Kobold Miner was my 4th positioned monster in this battle. This is a monster with the sneak ability, which means it will attack the enemy's last placed monster (attack from rear). This is also a very cheap mana card to use, only 2 mana. Great for low mana battles. I placed this card 4th and not 5th (last) place on my team is because my last placed monster which is Uraneus, has armour protection so it could at least survive the first attack by a melee sneak monster on the enemy's team whereas Kobold Miner would have taken a direct hit to its life and possibly be killed early in the game.


uraeus - splinterlands.PNG

Uraeus is an excellent monster to have in your deck cause its a sneak monster with extra protection with its armour. For low mana battles it might survive the first round of the battle with the first enemy melee attack only hitting its armour.

Check out how I won this battle here.

It is always a good idea to have more than 1 monster doing the same kind of attack in a battle like I used 2 sneaks and 2 opportunity ability monsters here.

This is my very first blog. Just wanted to try it out. Hope this blog has been helpful especially for newbies to the Splinterlands game. This is a fun game with huge investment potential for NFT collectors. If you have been thinking of joining this game, you can use my Splinterlands referral link.

You can always purchase a spellbook for $10 to try out the game with starter cards first. This will unlock rewards that you can earn on a daily basis with daily quests and also at season end which is every 15 days.

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I am from Singapore and recently been playing an nft card game called Splinterlands. My blogs are pretty much all about Splinterlands.

Splinterlands - Up Close & Personal Battle Ruleset
Splinterlands - Up Close & Personal Battle Ruleset

Malric Inferno of the Fire Splinter and Mylor Crowling of Earth Splinter are awesome Splinterlands Summoners, especially so when Water (magic) splinter is not an option and also when the ruleset is Up Close & Personal which means only melee monsters can be used in battle. Malric Inferno gives a +1 melee buff and Mylor Crowling gives a 'Thorn' ability buff that do wonders for all melee monsters that are selected.

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