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By Pinkman45 | Splinterlands Journey | 31 Mar 2022


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Hi guys, back with another Battle Challenge. This time with the Radiated Brute.

You can watch the full battle here, if you like.


The Card

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 22.50.09.png

Radiated Brute is a Chaos Legion melee fire card, with two abilities.


23vhUDfmZ72Kb6hVb7mqR51Vjjayuh5HwtPoyDnF6HD8HWrqHJFgDgpr8d7hsjtGrRGZP.png At level 1 it has Reach, allowing it to attack from the second position, despite being a melee attacker. AK3dyan5kNRgr7tmAVH9xpjEq4HYmsQz7kD7AjhFsuKJuWdDnPGEKc2cn1uSc3S.png

At level 6 it also gets Enrage, multiplying it's attack and speed by 1.5x when damaged.

While it has decent health and damage for five mana cost, it does lack speed quite heavily. Therefore I personally don't like the card. I'm a big proponent of speed, as I have showcased in an older Battle Challenge you can check out here. There are also just better alternatives in the Reach department for the fire splinter, like Fineas Rage or Carnage Titan (if you play dragons with fire) in my opinion. Artwork wise I gotta say... also not a big fan. Looks like quite the ugly fella to me. Enough bashing the card though, there's of course a place and time for it, like with literally any Splinterlands card and that's the Reverse Speed ruleset.


The Ruleset EoEjHyS9jR9tu7etNc1R1EUSvz1B29Cw9bzKp1VqH8yWk7KYYhFhyDXUDN7PCXKKcSn.png The ruleset was, you guessed it, Reverse Speed and Rise of the Commons, with 26 mana and Fire, Water and Death available. In Reverse Speed fire is king in my opinion, because they have a lot of hard hitting, slow cards and Tarsa compliments that perfectly. Not gonna lie, had to do a couple of battles before finally getting this ruleset, though.


The Line Up & Strategy

Design ohne Titel.png

Tarsa as my summoner, mainly because of the melee attack buff.
Living Lava as tank in the first position, because it's simultaneously very tanky with it's Shield ability while also dealing tons of damage.
Radiated Brute in the second position as a mix of an off tank and damage dealer.
Parasitic Growth for damage.
Tenyii Striker for some good sneak damage and because he's also quite healthy.
Radiated Scorcher as a meat shield to protect me from enemy sneak attacks.

The main goal with Reverse Speed obviously is to bring the slowest monster's to the field. I'm always aiming for one speed cards and because I was playing fire and Tarsa I was looking for melee damage. Living Lava and Radiated Scorcher are a fantastic duo, who deal a total of 7 damage together. Tenyii Striker has some good damage/health and sneak is always nice to have and Parasitic Growth fits right in with the slow speed and melee attack.
Other than playing the ruleset and positioning the cards in the optimal order I didn't really follow any strategy here. This is one of those scenarios where I just submit my strongest team and hope for the best.


Round 1

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 23.34.11.png

My opponent went for a Kelya water team. This is one of the worst things you can do in Reverse Speed - speeding up your own team or slowing down the enemy team. I can't stress enough how important speed is and in Reverse Speed fast is slow and vice versa. Furthermore my opponent also submitted monsters who already have rather high base speed, like the Serpent of Eld, Ice Pixie and Deeplurker. Kelya does bring +1 armor to the table though, which helps them out quite a bit.

First Round goes as follows: I basically only hit armor, not killing anything but the Hardy Stonefish, while they take out my Parasitic Growth with their opportunity monsters.

Round 2

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 23.38.29.png

Radiated Brute and Living Lava go first and take out the Serpent of Eld with two hits. Their Feasting Seaweed hit's my Radiated Scorcher, because he's the lowest health monster. Put him in the back to absorb sneak attacks, but opportunity is also welcome. My Tenyii Striker takes care of their Xenith Archer in the back and Living Lava dodges the Deeplurker's attack, because with 4 speed he's just too "fast". Round 3

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 23.47.47.png

The Duo takes Deeplurker down to 2 health, Radiated Scorcher absorbs yet another attack from Seaweed before finally dying, Tenyii Striker only hit's armor and Living Lava barely survives Deeplurker's and Ice Pixie's attacks. Round 4 & 5

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 23.51.45.png
This time Deeplurker dies to Radiated Brute and Living Lava takes away Seaweeds armor, while also surviving it's attack because of the Shield ability. Tenyii Striker takes out Ice Pixie, before she has a chance to attack.
In the fifth round it's only a lonely Seaweed, which quickly gets taken care of by Radiated Brute earning me the win.



Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 23.56.03.png

The strategy worked well, both Living Lava and Radiated Brute managed to stay alive the entire game, while dishing out tons of damage. Radiated Scorcher in the back with the +1 health from Tarsa turned out to be super important, tanking two opportunity attacks. Parasitic Growth couldn't be helped, he was just to squishy, but Tenyii Striker also proved his worth, slowly chipping away at their backline. To be fair, my opponent did mess up with the Kelya in my opinion. Even though the one armor did absorb multiple 3 or 4 damage attacks, the speed difference was yet again too severe.

I hope this battle showcased that even the worse cards (Radiated Brute, sorry bro) have their place in the game and can win you games, if you know how to use them.

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If you're not playing already create an account over at Splinterlands.com and hop right into battle
Thanks to Carrie Allen for the amazing Markdown Tutorial
and to Chris Roberts for this Thumbnail Tutorial
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Also check out my 5 tips for newer players

I hope you enjoyed this read and maybe got some helpful tips or inspiration. Until next week,



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