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By Pinkman45 | Splinterlands Journey | 23 Jun 2022

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Hi and welcome to this weeks Battle Challenge with dragons! I'll go over my strategy and line up, thoughts on one specific dragon card and show you a nice battle in the upper silver league. You can find the link to the full battle further down below.

Let's go!


The Card


The card I want to highlight from this battle is Delwyn Dragonscale. He's a common dragon summoner, that gives +1 magic. I have just recently begun playing him to get more variety for my dragon focus quests. He's relatively cheap to rent at the moment but super powerful. Magic itself is already very strong and summoners like Alric or Obsidian in high demand. While Delwyn is a little bit more expensive in terms of mana he offers so much utility, because every splinter has a couple good magic monsters, allowing for some powerful compositions.


The Ruleset Ep3crxt7q5ruLixUdo7JSLJUSfbRrwz2baYJmKzRX8hFo13NhoA3TRAYegY1q6oc1JJ.png

The rules for this battle were Spreading Fury and Taking Sides with a 60 mana cap and Earth, Life and Dragon available.


The Line Up & Strategy 23vhqCCzGWWvUuDjGc7a1BvaYMYLg1oRrPzMhYZw7KFuCbEXdjiestV77pPu2WNW5GLzc.png

I chose Delwyn as my summoner, because because I love magic and there are a couple of high speed flying cards in earth and dragon that can utilize Enrage very well to dodge melee and ranged attacks. I also had enough mana to build a big team, so I didn't have to worry about spending a little more on a summoner


With so much mana Grund is always a good choice in the first position, especially with Spreading Fury as he becomes an absolute beast when Enraged. While he doesn't benefit from Delwyn I feel it's always good to have a little melee or ranged damage mixed in to your magic teams, in case they bring a very magic heavy counter.


Void Dragon has some nice stats, gets the magic buff from Delwyn and can be a great tank against both magic (Void) and melee/ranged (Flying + Speed) if Grund ever dies. He profits a lot from Enraged as he becomes even more evasive. Very good card in this scenario.


Regal Peryton basically does the same as Void Dragon just without the Void ability and a little more damage. Main source of damage, especially great in Opportunity due to the high speed.


Another magic attacker with good damage. Slow and not the highest health, but therefore offers great abilities with Heal and Affliction. There's almost no magic line up where I don't bring this guy.


The big boy. Chaos Dragon has to be one of my favorite cards in the game right now and any time it's a high mana game I bring him. High health, 3 magic damage with Scatter Shot and Blast is just absolutely devastating. He then get's the Delwyn buff, so 4 damage with Blast is just insane.


Last but not least Slipspawn in the very last position as a backline tank with Taunt. Also good stats, with a lot of health and magic damage, buffed by Delwyn. Forcefield can come in quite handy against a Sandworm or something with a lot of attack, but the I mainly use him for the Taunt.

That's the line up. With life and earth available I expected either a Lorna Shine sneak team, which usually doesn't have too much protection other than the Holy Shield, so my fast magic attackers could take care of the lower health sneak monsters. Or a lot of armor, in which case magic would also be very strong. As for earth I expected either a magic team with Obsidian, which I tried to counter with the Void Dragon a little bit or a Mylor team, which again, magic is also decent against, because you don't get hit by the thorns.

All in all I felt pretty comfortable with my line up. The team has very high health, good speed and damage and is protected by Taunt for the first few hits, so that my healer and damage dealers have a little breathing room.


The Battle

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-23 um 11.52.09.png

My opponent did go for a Lorna team. Not as much sneak, but very melee heavy. They also brought a Taunt with Shieldbearer and all the monsters have decent health. However one big difference I noted was that their team was slower and other than the Divine Shield from Lorna they had no support cards. I'm confident in winning this battle.


💥Watch the full battle here!💥




Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-23 um 12.05.53.png
And I did win! It took two rounds to get through all the Divine Shields and my Chaos Dragon didn't hit the most accurate Scatter Shots, but my high health tanks (Grund and Slipspawn) soaked up enough damage to let my damage dealers (Void Dragon and Regal Peryton) take out the enemy with their speed and damage in the end.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-23 um 12.04.36.png
I checked the battle with Splintertools, which is a great site to analyze your games and try out different line ups and as you can see I had a 90% win rate, so no luck here.

All in all I wish I owned a level up Delwyn, as magic is my favorite and he allows for so many nice magic line ups across all splinters. Void Dragon and Chaos Dragon are also fantastic cards and currently very cheap!


None of this is financial advice. These tips are for educational purposes only and might all fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.



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