Splinterlands: My 5 favorite Chaos Legion Legendaries

By Pinkman45 | Splinterlands Journey | 10 May 2022

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Hello and welcome to a new series!

In this post I will go over my 5 favorite Chaos Legion legendary monster cards, explain why I chose them, give a brief overview and show you some gameplay. I'll continue with my 5 favorite epic, rare and common Chaos Legion monsters in upcoming posts. This will obviously be my personal preference, but I have played with maxed out Chaos Legion cards in silver, both in the leaderboard and in tournaments and while I'll consider factors like artwork and price the main driver will be how well these cards do in battle.

Let's get into it!


Djinn Oshannus 23wMMSxuWQQz3fNmw6S1DJhRYFB2qR3k6R4YGgwtiFucoP42Upp3RT6EXtXCSmf3Na3gC.png

Pros/Strengths: Health, Speed, Abilities, Price
Cons/Weaknesses: None, really?
Best Position: Tank, Off-Tank
Price as of writing: $2.3
Win rate across all leagues: 73.3%
Card in action: High Silver Gameplay

Djinn Oshannus is probably my favorite card of all times. His high Speed, Health and Void make him an amazing Tank against any kind of attack and as you level him up he gets Phase and Forcefield, making him even more difficult to kill. The water splinter has great cards that synergize with him like Kelya - more Speed and Amror, Alric - more Damage or Merdaali Guardian - Heal. I think every water deck will want to have a maxed copy for their league and that the card is currently undervalued.


River Hellondale 23uQNTpGf9Y99oFBpccVbijz3Na3QUrBLW2tmaBbuHH1nQWakHwXiNTtmFQ2sP6qK7pLm.png

Pros/Strengths: Abilities, (Damage)
Cons/Weaknesses: Health
Best Position: Backline, Support
Price as of writing: $7.3
Win rate across all leagues: 73.6%
Card in action: High Silver Gameplay

River Hellondale has just too much synergy with the other Chaos Legion water cards. Diemonshark, Pelacor Bandit, Flying Squid and Deeplurker are all melee attackers, profiting immensely from the Inspire it gets at level 2 and can be put into a line up all together. Resurrect is always nice to have, especially with the Diemonshark, because it comes back to life with his Armor and enraged. 2 magic attack is also very decent in terms of damage. The main weakness I'd say is the low health and that past silver the card doesn't get that much stronger.


Adelade Brightwing 23vsNmss9rgHrb7DvUAmjyEonJ9ecS7j6C6sY9sLSLgdw2h5iVkzJWqWaG5e5ja9eLS63.png

Pros/Strengths: Abilities, (Damage)
Cons/Weaknesses: Survivability
Best Position: Backline, Support
Price as of writing: $8.4
Win rate across all leagues: 67.2%
Card in action: High Silver Gameplay

This might be one of the best support cards in the game. It has Repair at level one, which is always nice to have especially when there's no magic or the Weak Magic ruleset. Flying and 5 Health make it not super squishy, but it definitely needs to be protected. As you level it up it gets Resurrect in silver, which synergizes really well with Repair, because resurrected monsters have their full Armor. In gold it gets Immunity which is nice to have and in diamond and above it gets Swiftness which is amazing. It's low Speed looks like a weakness, but because it deals magic damage it can't miss and going last with abilities like Repair and Heal is generally preferred.


Queen Mycelia 23uFKAdiujY82hN4Sjd86fPq4CZqojidhpRuN7N6eyJLXxFEcgXCCwBK4Tv8Atb7L3Pgt.png

Pros/Strengths: Abilities, Mana Cost
Cons/Weaknesses: Price, Speed, Health
Best Position: Backline, Support
Price as of writing: $12.5
Win rate across all leagues: 61.4%
Card in action: Silver Tournament Gameplay

Queen Mycelia is arguably the best Chaos Legion legendary. Her abilities are what make her so strong. Having Protect at level one with a magic heavy line up (like Venari Wavesmith in the Alric meta) is super important to ensure your high damage dealing monsters have some sort of defense. She then also gets Amplify (really good with Mylor), Triage (amazing if Mycelic Slipspawn is your Tank in the last position) and Rust (not as useful with magic, but earth has good melee and ranged monsters as well). All that for 4 mana. When paired with Obsidian she also has good damage. 4 Health is decent, but too little for higher mana battles and she's fairly expensive compared to other CL legendaries.


Chaos Dragon 23tmBC3FfHo7w2VnThq2nzYfUZzAV2G6xY5Zf1k4JNZ1dLHBTcBKuj1GhyLkNe7BWuZCB.png

Pros/Strengths: Damage, Abilities
Cons/Weaknesses: Mana Cost, Price
Best Position: Off-Tank, Backline
Price as of writing: $10.70
Win rate across all leagues: 63.9%
Card in action: High Silver Gameplay

Chaos Dragon is an amazing damage dealer with good survivability due to it's high Health, Armor and Flying. At level 1 the Scatter Shot can be a hit or miss, depending on where it lands. At level 2 when it gets Blast it almost always is a good hit, dealing a potential 7 damage (3 + 2 to each side) with one attack and ignoring Armor. It's just too satisfying! The high mana cost is the limiting factor here, making it only playable in high mana matches and the price compared to other legendaries of the set is on the higher end.

Closing Words

Those are my 5 favorite Chaos Legion legendary monsters. It wasn't easy to only pick five and there are definitely some honorable mentions like Carnage Titan, Uriel the Purifier, Spirit Hoarder and Doctor Blight. However those are the ones I like best and have the most success with. I don't think it's a coincidence that they're all magic cards, because we've known for quite a while that magic is very powerful, but I do think it's interesting that 3 out of 5 are support cards.

Let me know what you think about my list and what your favorite legendaries are. In the next post we'll go over my 5 favorite epic cards, stay tuned!


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.

The win rates across all leagues are stats pulled from Summoner Lab.



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Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great day and until next time!


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