The Storm Before The Storm: The Biggest Change Coming to the Splinterlands no one is talking about.

The Storm Before The Storm: The Biggest Change Coming to the Splinterlands no one is talking about.

By m3ss | Splinterlands - Face First! | 7 Sep 2021


With all of the massive updates coming to the Splinterlands it's easy to miss that we are still in the very early days of what is one of the most exciting projects cryptocurrency has produced yet. As the months go by there are more and more things leading to Splinterlands having that crazy magic feeling massively successful projects can sometimes harness to become to next Magic the Gathering.

At the present moment we know just got the really amazing addition of Gladius Crates and guild brawls have never felt so fresh! We know there are epic things coming in the release of the Chaos Legion presale (and the MASSIVE changes to the SPS market), and I'm not trying to take a single thing away from, but you know what has me excited?


The Splinterlands Lands Expansion has been a pretty mysterious thing for as long is it's been around. Months back players were given the opportunity to purchase Land by the plot, tract, or entire region. Plots of Land sold for $20 from the in-game store and, honestly, there was very little information beyond what the store presented in the description area.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 4.14.41 PM.png

From this information we can tell that Land in Splinterlands is essentially going to be a extremely rare asset with a extremely wide variety of modifiers we don't yet have much information about that should produce new types of cards in a wide wide variety of ways we don't yet have much information about yet. Oof.

Know what players hate? RNG and a complete lack of information on the product they are being asked to buy. Still, Land sold fast and, before long, sold out completely. Since then the information available has mostly been limited to little bits and pieces in AMA's and the main post I hiope all of you have already read.

If not, you're going to want to devour this:
Splinterlands Land Expansion Details


In my understanding of things: Land is going to be an absolute game changer and likely one people will continue to sleep on. In a nutshell, Land is going to be an airdrop with no end date in sight for a hell of a lot more than just SPS. We know Totems will have ... something to do with ... something?

What they produce, how much, and in what quality sounds like what we're going to be finding out soon. Really, it doesn't matter, anything you can acquire and hold that will produce more Splinterlands assets is an amazing investment. Splinterlands is growing faster than ever and, after weeks of steady growth, this is looking less like a spike and more like a runaway success story.

From one of the most recent updates:

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 4.17.25 PM.png

These new players are coming in ready to experience all that Splinterlands has to offer and that means land but, at this time, the only place to get it is the secondary market. Here is a quick snapshot of the pricing of most of the assets in this nook of the market from Hive Engine.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 8.24.56 PM.png

It's been a long road from $20 land plots from the in-game store to $500+ single plots on the open market and a lot of people are locking in those gains but, should you? Is it ever the right idea to sell the most rapidly appreciating asset in your collectables portfolio because it's been doing well? Does that make sense? Really? I think my bias here is pretty clear.

I don't see Splinterlands cooling off, especially with the coming release of Chaos Legion. I'm here in the Splinterlands for the long run and, just as soon as there is a way to build here and put down deeper roots, I'll be ready.

And honestly, I hope you'll be there with me.

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Splinterlands - Face First!
Splinterlands - Face First!

As a nerd to my core I've spent thousands of hours just sitting around tables covered in cards and dice, surrounded by friends, having some of the best times in my life. Somewhere along the way trading card games seems to have lost their way in the pursuit of selling ever more packs. And we kept playing for our love of the games. Splinterlands claims to want to change that through the use of blockchain technology to give back players control of their cards and choices. But, is it fun? What else matters?

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