Splintertalk gets NFTs and I NEED THEM! This changes everything!! +My First SPT Post!

By m3ss | Splinterlands - Face First! | 7 Sep 2021


One of the main things that makes following emergent projects that are not yet completes is that you get to be there as they come together. Today it feels like one of those massive pieces just slid into place in the larger Splinterlands ecosystem.

So if you did not already know you can earn the crypto-token SPT by writing about Splinterlands on Hive bloackchain enabled websites. SPT is a token of HIVE so you can use the SPT you earn to trade for other HIVE tokens like SPS, DEC, Splinterlands packs, even Land! I've always though SPT was an amazing idea and have hoped to see it grow!


Now, for the first time ever, Splintertalk has a project that feels all it's own! Splintertalk now has a series of collectables NFT artpieces on sale and in fairly short supply.

While art is subjective, I friggin' love them, take a look!


I NEED THEM YALL. I don't know why but I know I need these NFTs as soon as humanly possible and am not going to be able to rest until I'm holding more then the x2 'Feeling Lucky?' I bought with the SPS I had on hand.

What really has me excited is the kind of projects this could lead to. While the current NFTs are 'just' amazing, styling, and collectible art pieces I wonder where Splintertalk will be able to push this idea with time! Really exciting stuff yall!

I have roughly 15,000 SPT but it's ALL staked on the Hive Engine to support the project in the best way I knew how up 'til now. So, hummm, how can I earn more SPT?

Well, write on Splintertalk ofcourse! So, while I normailly use PeakD to post, I'm experimenting with the unique abilities that HIVE and blockchains like it make available to us! This will be the start of a long and hopefully fruitful relationship between Splintertalk and myself!

Has there ever been a partnership so potent? Well, other than...

So, Splintertalk community, what are you you looking to see more articles about? I hosted the recent CryptoGaming Guild Splinterlands Tournament and would love to do more of those kind fo events and community building in the future!

So, any requests? And, while we are at it, are you looking to hang out with other Crypto-Gamers? Join us over at the The Crypto-Gaming Guild discord. We are looking for game captains, writers, and soon soldiers! If you are interested, please step up! Our rules for entry are currently in the works!

The games we are currently focusing on are:
Rising Star
Neon District
Alien Worlds
Lost Relics

Thanks for reading yall! I'll be back with more soon! Please upvote and follow if you can!

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M3SS is an antisocial lad, clever though. He spends his days working in cryptocurrency, financial tech, domain hosting, advertising tech, and nights dreaming of a better tomorrow. M3SS is the leader of The Crypto-Gaming Guild.

Splinterlands - Face First!
Splinterlands - Face First!

As a nerd to my core I've spent thousands of hours just sitting around tables covered in cards and dice, surrounded by friends, having some of the best times in my life. Somewhere along the way trading card games seems to have lost their way in the pursuit of selling ever more packs. And we kept playing for our love of the games. Splinterlands claims to want to change that through the use of blockchain technology to give back players control of their cards and choices. But, is it fun? What else matters?

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