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MAX POWER FOR YOUR DEC: Inexpensive Splinterlands cards that are being undervalued - New Player Guide AND CARD GIVEAWAY!

By m3ss | Splinterlands - Face First! | 30 Aug 2021


There are a variety of major opportunities all over the Splinterlands if you know where to look and, my lovely guildmates, today I'm here to help you build your own treasure map.

New cards are coming soon. This is going to shake up the market and, if was was to be able to predict how, they might be able to surf those waves to a more adventitious position. Recent news makes the release of both new Reward cards and Chaos packs eminent. Both of these changes will pull money out of the market for current cards (especially the most humble ones) as those funds rush to buy new packs or find new reward cards. This is a major opportunity for the new players who are looking for Splinterlands cards that are strong, functional, and underpriced.

One of the bets ways to get more information on the Splinterlands card market is to use PeakMonsters. Websites like this are a huge part of what make blockchain enabled games like Splinterlands great and, if you fail to uses the advantage they provide, you will suffer for it. But enough of that Sun Tzu gibberish, lets take a look at some cheap cards.


The field here is showing Reward and Untamed cards that monsters and non-goildfoil. Some would consider these card the bottom of the barrel but, even in this screenshot, I see some major heavy hitters who, to my suprise, are moving downward. These are cards that just plain work and, if you are trying to make the transition from running level 1 monsters to running level 3-4 monsters, these are great 'bang for your buck' monsters you'll be able to buy the dozens of copies you need to level them up without breeaking the bank.

Let's move quick and see how many I can cover in one articles!


DShark would be a good card in any Splinter other than Water. Wanna see the shark shine? Play him in Dragon with Daria, Manticore!, and sneak creatures! No one see's it coming.


CJag is a staple card if you play Life. This is going to be your tank is a lot of those 'All monsters must be <5 mana' rule sets (or just low mana rule sets). It's stupid this card is so cheap.


No frills Fire beater. Fit's in literally any Fire collection.


Again, silly! All of these cards are really fantastic in the right decks and the fact they can be grabbed for so cheap right now really goes to show you the people complaining about all the good cards beig expensive don't know where to look. Again, Daria Dragonscale yall, she turns all these cards into beasts. Sad Worm is an absolute staple in ANY collection and the rest of these are just a shade behind it.


Ahhhh, my queen. The Queen Bee is proof positive that a card does not need to be flashy to be an absolutle workhorse. I play a lot of Earth Splinter and often find myself running Stone Golem as my go-to Tank when the Mana is <30 but, when I have room, I go straight to the queen. Something just deel right thumping people in Diamond League with a cheapo card. Level her until she has retaliate and you'll have a card I predict you'll find yourself using for years.

One of the few cards that seems to have genuine bad blood on it's ame in Splinterlands is the Death staple: Haunted Spirit. If you've played much splinterlands you'll immediately know why, it's friggin' amazing. I can hardly think of any other card that's such a staple in it's position. Spirit is an amazingly adaptive tank that is at what feel like the perfect cost to fit in all manner of decks. This has made it expensive as hell. Wanna replace it? Let me pitch Undead Rexx.


It might be a confusing sentence to read but: Once Rexx died he because much easier to keep alive. This is another card I don't want to spent a time going over, just try it, you'll see it works. If you cant afford a Haunted Spirit that does not mean you cant afford to play Death. Don't listen to that crap!

And the rest:






Folks, these are some of the best cards currently available in the game of Splinterlands and I use these cards to win games daily. Every single one of them is cheap and getting cheaper and, to me, thats really nuts. You ready for you one really definitive statment here?

If you are playing Splinterlands and you do not have these cards you have some serious holes in your collection. Fill the holes you can with these cards that cost pennies before moving on the the holes that cost dollars to fill. Forget those flashy cards that keep beating you for now, focus on the quiet heavy hitters that will put those expensive flashy cards right on their face!

Thanks for reading yall!

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I'll be revealing the winner in an article coming a bit later this week!

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Splinterlands - Face First!
Splinterlands - Face First!

As a nerd to my core I've spent thousands of hours just sitting around tables covered in cards and dice, surrounded by friends, having some of the best times in my life. Somewhere along the way trading card games seems to have lost their way in the pursuit of selling ever more packs. And we kept playing for our love of the games. Splinterlands claims to want to change that through the use of blockchain technology to give back players control of their cards and choices. But, is it fun? What else matters?

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