My Splinterlands End of Season Report Season 69

OK so Season 69 i thought last season was season 69 and i made a mistake it was actually season 68 but it doesn't matter, This season is 69 ( hahaha never gets old). So if you don't remember or didn't read my past EOS Report then i will tell you now i am a new player who has only been playing Splinterlands for a few months and hasn't spent a single dollar on the game besides the Spellbook. Just getting that out there, and i don't spend all day playing the game either this is the stats of someone who plays the game for fun and plays it for a reasonable amount of time. There now that's done lets get into my report.



So as you can see I had a better season then last time my highest rating is 562 and my last rating was 522 not bad. I had a hard time at the beginning to get up in the rating as you can see by my win/loss ratio but i did manage it near the end, and my longest streak was 7 as you can see for yourself. Overall decent for me at least.

DEC and Credit Earnings


So in bronze 2 you cant earn a whole lot of DEC i am working on getting my power up so i can get to bronze 1 but that's a work in progress and in the games that i played in bronze 2 i earned about 2 DEC a small amount but i didn't make it to bronze 2 until about a few days before the end of the season.

End of Season Chest



So here's my EOS rewards i was able to get one rare and for a bronze 2 EOS rewards it could be a lot worse like last season i got absolutely nothing but all in all still not too bad.

SPS Report


So this season i started to stake SPS which i didn't do before, i usually swapped my SPS for more DEC so i could earn more SPS but i wanted to start building up my SPS so currently i have a little more than 3 SPS and i have it all staked. but in one season i earned 1.2 SPS from the airdrop.


So i just wanted to give a shout out to someone who gave me a pretty good card this season, a Oshannus for free he is a awesome guy and you should definitely check him out on Twitch he streams Monday to Friday and he plays Splinterlands and he knows a lot about crypto, i 100% recommend him to you guys his name is Lyerpald, this is my way of thanking him so go show him some support.


Overall this season was ok but next season I'm going to start grinding a bit more and hopefully get a better outcome for you guys. Thanks a ton for reading this and if you want to go the extra mile please tip and like my article it helps Publish0x recommend it to more people. Thanks again


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Discord: MechaKing25#2864


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Chris Maillet
Chris Maillet

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Splinterlands End of Season Report
Splinterlands End of Season Report

My Splinterlands end of season report from a relativly new player who hasint spent a single dollar on the game besides spellbook.

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