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Splinterlands Blog - Daily Focus reward claiming

Hi guys welcome to my post I will share my daily focus rewards in Splinterlands , but before that let me explain first about this game , Splinterlands is a digital trading card game built on hive blockchain , there are so many things you can do in this game , you can buy and own cards and use them in battle and get rewards such as dark energy crystals (DEC) , rewards cards you can sell them or keep them to level them up , potions you can use them if you buy packs in the shop and on the latest update you can get merits also to  buy gladius packs and open it to increase your collection power and to able to join in guild brawls , you can trade cards also in the market sell what you don't need and buy what cards you need , buy Splintershards (SPS) and stake it to earn more SPS and vouchers or put it in the liquidity pool just choose what pair of tokens you want.

so for this post I will share what I got in my daily focus rewards for my bronze account.

my daily focus is anti melee you use cards with thorns and retaliate ability to get bonus rewards points when winning but even if you don't use what ability is needed in the daily focus , you can still get the rewards points when you win the battle.


for this daily focus I manage to get 14 bronze chest





Common card - 1

Alchemy potion charge(s) - 6

Legendary potion charges(s) - 1

Dark Energy Crystals - 350

when I opened the chest these are what I got and since I got 350 DEC in the chest I thought of buying cards that I need in the market to increase my collection power and build a deck




these are the cards I bought in the market from the DEC that I got from the chest

Lava spider - Fire Element Common card - 3

Kulu Swimhunter - Water Element Common card - 2

I send them to my main account , this is what I do when I get a lot of DEC in chest of my daily focus rewards , buy cards or buy SPS and stake it to accumulate more SPS

and that's all for this post I hope you like it and see you for the next post thank you.

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Splinterlands Daily Focus
Splinterlands Daily Focus

In this blog Im gonna share my daily focus rewards

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