Splinterlands Blog #2 - Daily Focus reward claiming

Hello! guys welcome to my post , this is my Splinterlands blog and I'm sharing my daily focus reward chest claiming.



This is my another bronze only account and I play silver rank last season so I got silver season chest but I will stay this account in bronze rank next season , I play this daily focus 5 days before the season ends , the focus is anti melee when you use cards with thorns and retaliate ability you get the bonus rewards points for daily focus and season points for end of season rewards , I manage to get 12 chest after a few hours playing.






when I opened all the bronze chest this is what I got

Venari Wavesmith - Water rare card - 1

Alchemy potion charges(s) - 1

Merit(s) - 15

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) - 348

and again I bought chaos legion cards with the DEC I  got from the reward chest


Name                        Element         Rarity

Venari Knifer             Earth              Common     -   2

Kulu Swimhunter      Water             Common     -   2

Lava Spider                Fire                Common     -   1

Radiated Scorcher     Fire                Common     -   1

I will buying chaos legion common cards first that I need to accumulate and make a deck or rent them out and when the common cards I need are complete I will buy the rare cards that I need and continue doing this when I get a lot of DEC in my daily focus chest rewards until I buy all the cards I want.

so that's it for this blog I hope you like it , see you for the next blog have a good day thank you! :)

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Splinterlands Daily Focus
Splinterlands Daily Focus

In this blog Im gonna share my daily focus rewards

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