why you playing splinterlands?


By magicodoz | Splinterlands Cronicles | 24 Feb 2022



for the social media challenge of this week i want to ask you guys, why you start playing Splinterlands.

I begin!

I always played cards game like megic, pokemon, hearthstone... during my childhood.
Four years ago i discovered the world of crypto and immediately i falling in love with bitcoin and all the altcoins!
Then the bear market appeared and i totally lose my connection with the crypto until i find this game! Unfortunately only five months ago! I started to play Splinterlands because i like the concept of the play to earn game and it was my first experience so i decided to try the game and in three days i bought the spellbook and i started to grow my account and fully enjoy the game! Now day by day i play the game, i enjoy the community that constantly growing up sharing their experience and i am feel very lucky to have discovered this game!

Let me know how you have discovered Splinterlands and why you started to play this game!


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I'm an Italian guy. I have a master degree in biomedical engineering. Like most introvert guy, i love playing video games and i'm a Splinterlands player. I like also plants and playing sports like basketball and football!

Splinterlands Cronicles
Splinterlands Cronicles

Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm from Italy, i grow up in a small town near the sea. I graduated in the University of Bologna with a master degree in biomedical engineering and actually i work as R&D manager for an Italian biomedical company. I'm here to share my journey with you. I'm mainly focus on Splinterlands content because i really like play this game and i want to enjoy with you my passion!

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