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In this series I'm covering the best Gladius cards out there.

Since you can't buy gladius cards and most players have played a lot less brawl battles than ranked battles, I came to realize that a lot of players are not familiar with a lot of the gladius cards.

These type of posts are meant to change that at least a little bit.



Let's start by taking a deeper look at the stats.


The most important factors here: 2 magic damage (which can be buffed to 3 with alric) and the blast ability + ofcourse the bloodlust ability.

This combination is what makes flagulon a true killing machine. Keep in mind, everytime she kills an enemy she gets +1 magic damage, but this also means she does more blast damage.

Once she can get that first kill, she usually starts to snowball really hard.


The strategy

As usual with gladius cards the strategy is simple, stay alive and get kills. This means that we want to position her in a way that she is as safe as possible, but also, we want to protect her from opportunity attacks, so try to have a monster in the lineup with lower hp than flagulon.

In terms of getting kills it's simple, use alric for the damage buff, and bring some other magic monsters to the party.



Let me give you some example battles:
(Click on an image to see the actual battle)

Battle 1


Let's start with a very easy and smooth win.

This time I'm playing against Vera, but very often I get easy wins like this against Kelya. Remember, when u play water, there is a higher statistical chance to face water then any other splinter. Alric is very strong against keyla because keyla buffs stats that Alric (magic damage) really doesn't care about.

At the end of round 1, it's already pretty clear who will win the game:


We even use Flagulon Reine in an earthquake battle simply because she is so strong. By good positioning and hoping that she will get at least 1 kill we try to keep her alive for 3 full rounds, by this time, the battle should be over.

Sure enough, at the end of round 2 it's over:


Battle 2

This was a close Alric vs Alric battle in a brawl. It was a pretty close victory and it might have been different if I didn't use flagulon reine here.

Let's take a look at the battle:


The rules are: Healed out and Stamppede, 54 mana.

Using Flagulon Reine here is very important, she can simply get incredibly strong. Facing a magic lineup, my Goblin Mech is pretty weak, however, I figured prismatic energy + Oshanus should be enough compensation if I was facing a magic team. However, I did still struggle here.

At the beginning of round 2, I'm not looking too good in my opinion:


My goblin mech only absorbed 2 attacks and my prismatic energy is almost finished, while my enemy is still looking pretty strong.

Midway through the second round, the situation seems even worse:


At the start of round 3, I'm hoping that Flagulon can start snowballing


When reaching round 4, I feel pretty good about the game:


Sure enough, I get a pretty quick victory once I reached round 3.
I would say the 2 main things that made me 1: the usage of a healer in a no-heal battle was a mistake and the fact that I used a very strong gladius card.




The incredibly tall stormcaster called Flagulon Reine always speaks softly, for one who commands such power with their movements rarely needs to make verbal commands. He is Khymian by race, meaning that he was not born of a mother, but delivered from the sky as an infant by Kralus the sacred flying tiger. As a young man, Flagulon became so serious about his stormcalling magic that he left the land of his ancestors and traveled to the lawless Splinter of ΛZMΛRÉ, where storms are far more plentiful, to learn the true potential of his powers. There over the next thirty years, Flagulon resided in the islands, practicing and mastering his own special system of certamine expugnatum, meaning “combat by storm.” In this strangely beautiful method of hand-to-hand combat, the stormfighter rarely must make physical contact with his enemy, relying instead on small storms and forces of nature that extend from his fists and feet.

As with most stormcasters, Flagulon’s preferred method of attack power is lightning. He even spent a couple years in the Sands of Draykh-Nahka, living in a cave and observing the wild Lightning Dragons from a safe distance. By watching them and studying their movements, he was able to determine that they instinctively call upon ancient magic when they release lightning attacks, doing so by subtle motions of their claws and jaws. Reine has never taught a student, but he hopes that serving as a professional Gladiator at Mount Mox will provide him the opportunity to meet his protege and to pass on what he has learned.


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