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3 days ago the previous splinterlands season ended.

If you know splinterlands, you know what that means... End of season rewards 🍾



The first 9 chests were pretty much as bad as it gets.

However, after that, I did see some decent results:

  • Gargoya devil (rare)
  • Djinn Renove (epic)
  • Venari wavesmith (rare)
  • Uraeus (epic)

In total my EOS rewards are worth around $1.

It's not gonna make me rich today or tomorrow, but all these cards do add up.

Who knows, maybe they will also become more valuable over time.

Anyway, a decent season, I'm ready for the next one.


PS: Our guild is recruiting

Acolytes of Helio and disciples of helio are recruiting.

If you are an active splinterlands player, you are active on hive and are ready to hop on our discord, you might be the person we are looking for!

Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested!

(And yes, this guild is awesome and will give you more benefits than the average guild).


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