Splinterlands | My favourite blunderbusss tournament battle

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Round 1


Ready, set, go!

It's a poisoned battle, so I decided to with 2 big boys (and a free 1 hit-absorber unit ofcourse).

However, even though high health monsters are a good choice here, I don't have anything that's actually immune against poison. I was debating whether or not I should have used the forgotten one here.

The enemy goes with a different strategy: heals and immunity, all-in on countering the poison.


Round 2


At the start of round 2, not much has happened yet (poison still has to trigger though).

However, the blocking unit has prevented any damage from reaching my "big boys".

Also, the tradeoff of my enemy becomes clear, yes he does counter the poison, but he gives up all sources of damage, except the first monster. In other words, he hopes that the poison will do the work.

Let's see how it turns out.


Round 3


At the start of round 3, the enemy's living lava is basically done for, but he still has 2 undamaged monsters in the back.

My Grum and Caladuum are starting to take damage from the poison, but we still have a good amount of health left.

The battle feels pretty close at this point.


Round 4


Round 4, it's about to get serious.

Grum was able to pick up a kill, which buffs his stats. This might become an important factor in the outcome of the battle...

However, we are still facing 2 undamaged monsters, and especially the forgotten one is not a weak unit.


Round 5


Grum and Caladuum are sitting at 6 and 5 hp now, but the forgotten one will die after one more Grum attack.

I'm starting to get a good feeling about the battle.


Round 6


Sure enough, Grum picks up a kill and buffs himself to 5 hp.

Keep in mind that poison still has to trigger, So I'm actually dropping to 3 and 1 hp, close, but as you can see I only need to deal the final blow at this point.

It's game over.


This battle helped me get in a really good position at the end of round 1. Note that the actual position is not entirely correct because many players have already started battling in the second round.


Sadly enough, the second round is a lot harder than the first one and I only won about 50% of the matches, not great, not terrible. However, you have to keep in mind that I didn't use any expensive cards in this tournament (no Yodin, no Lama, no Kitty... actually the most expensive one is probably caladuum) and I did face a lot of those.

I guess I have to start renting if I want to be able to place top 20 in these type of tournaments.


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