Splinterlands | My best "clutch" brawl battle ever

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The clutch


At this position, the game feels pretty much lost.

However, I have mentioned the snowball potential of the bloodlust ability many times, and here we can perfectly see it in action. MVP of the game: Quora Towershead, one of the strongest Gladius cards out there.

Let's take a detailed look at how it went down.

Round 1


At the very first sight, I realised this would be a difficult battle to win. Even though I think my lineup is stronger in a general sense, I am facing a lineup that somewhat counters mine.

First, there is Tusk the wide, a very strong frontline tank when facing a full magic lineup.

Second, he has 2 opportunity monsters and 1 sneak monster while I am using a lot of squishy units.

Round 4


At the beginning of round 4, it's pretty clear that I'm in big trouble. My entire backline is gone, my pegasus only has 1 hp left and the enemy hasn't lost a single monster at this point.

I realise that my only hope is Quora's potential snowball effect.

Round 5


Sure enough, the next round it's a 1 v 5 situation.

However -and this is very important- Quora was able to deal the final blow on tusk the wide. Buffing her to 4 (3 + 1) magic damage and 3 melee damage, a potential of 7 total damage.

Keep in mind that bloodlust also buffs attack speed and health. The last buff will also buff the heal ability of quora, which is a pretty important factor here.


Because of all this, we get to heal (+5) and attack first, changing the situation dramatically.

Round 6


Even though the end of round 5 looked pretty good, we are still absorbing 4 attacks, good for 9 total damage. Somehow, 5 attack speed wasn't enough to get a single miss and we drop down to 2 health.

Very close, but I realise at this point Quora would be unstoppable. She has 5 magic damage and 4 melee damage at this point.

Round 7


Round 7, another kill, another buff, we still dropped to 4 health, but the enemy doesn't have enough damage left to potentionally kill Quora here.

At this point, we will take out 2 units per round.

Round 8


Final round, 8 magic damage, 7 melee damage, 8 attack speed, 10 health (but we still have to heal for +6).

Well hello little spider...

Quora's process

Dropping down to a 1v5 situation with only 2 health left at some point, I call that a nice clutch!



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