Splinterlands | I got a grum flameblade airdrop

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With 112 packs purchased I was really hoping to get at least 1 out of the 3 cards. However, I knew there was a chance I wouldn't get any reward.

The first 2 claims where nothing, so I started to get a bit frustrated, but luckily the last claim was a succes.

It's definitely my favourite card from the 3 options here.

It's the only non-gladius card that has the bloodlust ability and I think time will tell how powerfull this card actually is. Especially in battles with the sneak or opportunity ability in combination with reverse speed, this guy is going to be unstoppable.

Also, summoner buffs can make him even stronger which gives him even more opportunity to get use out of his bloodslust ability. I can see this guy being used with Yodin Zaku for example, that's going to be difficult to beat.


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