Big dipper

Bitcoin to go to $20,000


Massive Bear market just beginning. 

The Price push downwards with today's big dipper. Indicator for the continuation of a bear market for the months ahead. It will push back up? Dependant on war efforts in Ukraine and if we get another celebrity slap with Will Smith (Church of scientology)? Maybe the War but the slap not so much. The cut of oil to affect the Bitcoin price? A contributing factor? Russia and China obtaining more independence and a move away from the reserve US dollar on the global scale. The demise of the federal reserve and the rise of blockchain and big tech companies. Big Tech's takeover of the current global financial system. An integration. Global financial collapse Ji JI ping working with Bill Gates in a New World Order of tyranny and oppression. Bio Lab exposures. Vaccine's that erase's our immune human system's. Martial law through the medical system.  

We must fight and stand up to be independant and free. Peacefully and civilly. Will these protest events also have a big play on the market as more Trumper's start to rally and truther movements unite on the global scale. I predict yes it will as the trend emerge the price will see a big movement. 

The joy ride continues. I consider the last price hike up in bitcoin was a pump and dump but the big dipper seems to be more of a long term indication that we will see more big dip's and possibly more big rises in the months ahead as we go into summer. 

Peace, love and Joy.

Be kind to your neighbour and don't hate your enemies you don't have to like them.



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Spiritual Business Man
Spiritual Business Man

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Spiritual Connection to Cryptos
Spiritual Connection to Cryptos

The representation of energy that money represents. A store of work done of energy spent given to another human in the form of a payment amount. A monetary value. That can be used and spent. The proof of work value can be spent with other people also to business's offering services and products. The spiritual connection Cryptos have with us humans is a direct relationship with are earthly energies of light that humans and use. We humans are made of light are very cells glow.

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