V4.1 Release Update

Latest wallet download:

We have just released Spectrecoin v4.1, now available to download from our website. This release introduces so called “Mnemonic seed” wallet backup which greatly improves the security of your coins if you choose to use this feature. See below for a further explanation and links to upgrade guides if you want to upgrade your wallet.

Spectrecoin v.4.1 also implements TOR hidden services v3 and minor Tor improvements. This introduces the new more secure longer .onion addresses for network nodes and improves the overall security of the Spectrecoin network.

New TOR v3 address:

Old TOR v2 address:

Mnemonic backup

We all know the importance of keeping backups and we all know how potentially devastating it could be to loose access to all our coins. Up until now, we all have had to keep multiple backups of the ‘wallet.dat‘ file which holds our private keys to stay safe. This is potentially susceptible to data failure and data corruption. I have also kept copies of private keys and other forms of backup. Therefore in v4.1 we are introducing a more secure way to backup your wallet. We have implemented “Mnemonic seed” backup for the Spectrecoin wallet.

So what is a “Mnemonic seed” and how do they work? Firstly, a “Mnemonic seed” is a random sequence of 24 words out of a predefined 2048 words from the BIP-0039 seed word list such as the following 24 words below. I suspect many of you have encountered this before.

exercise expose hip brain motor chimney book drop vivid blade only human retreat essay cancel image one jump term screen defy victory island check

The mnemonic is created by following the specifications in BIP-0039 and the mnemonic can then used to generate a binary seed. This binary seed can be used later to generate all the key pairs in a deterministic wallet. Therefore, the mnemonic is all you need to keep your coins safe. This is a big improvement in security and also paves the way for possible integration into hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger and others. If you want to explore this further have a look at this website:

Note that there is no way to convert an old wallet to a new “Mnemonic seed” wallet. It is also important to stress that you do not have to set up a new “Mnemonic seed” wallet. The old wallet format will work fine, but the “Mnemonic seed” wallet offers better security in case of computer failure and other events that could cause a loss of your coins.

Follow the quick guide below to set up a “Mnemonic seed” wallet and transfer your coins to the new wallet. Make sure that you work in this order to complete the process. If you are unfamiliar with some or all of these steps you can find links to more detailed upgrade guides below:

You need to complete this process using a graphic UI, Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

Quick upgrade guide

  1. Be 100% sure that you have a working backup of your ‘wallet.dat‘ file.
  2. Download and install Spectrecoin v4.1. Don’t start the software yet.
  3. Rename your old ‘wallet.dat‘ file before the next step.
  4. Start the Spectrecoin v.4.1 software.
  5. create your new “Mnemonic seed” wallet.
  6. Save your new receiving addresses safely.
  7. Make a small transfer to your new “Mnemonic seed” wallet from your old wallet.
  8. Test the “Mnemonic seed” wallet by completing a full recovery.
  9. Transfer the rest of your coins.
  10. Make sure you have a secure and durable copy of your mnemonic seed.

Detailed upgrade guide


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