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Spectrecoin Newsletter (February 2019)

1 week ago SpectreCoin $12.14 (3,736.5547 BNTY)

Welcome to the Spectrecoin February 2019 newsletter and development update. Over the last month, there have been some major shifts in the exchange landscape as far as Spectrecoin is concerned. [First a note about the Cryptopia Hack] On 14/01/2019 our...

Spectrecoin Official Monthly Newsletter (December 2018)

9 Jan 2019 SpectreCoin $15.00 (4,616.7767 BNTY)

January 2019 Welcome to 2019 and a happy new year to everyone! This is the first Spectrecoin newsletter of the year and we have something rather special to share. Stealth-Staking is now a reality and we will cover this in some detail below. There is...