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Privacy has a new name!

We are today formally announcing that ‘Spectrecoin’ has undergone a brand evolution to become ‘Alias’. This milestone is a significant move for the project and the team. We will now start the next part of our mission to become a world-leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This also includes a renewed effort around improved communications, investor relations and business development. With this re-brand we are making a serious move towards more mainstream recognition and influence with Alias.

Governments are striving to criminalise digital privacy under the pretence of increasing online safety and prevent money laundering. As a result, many exchanges have been delisting privacy projects whose only aim is to protect one’s right to privacy online. Established projects like Alias and newcomers alike are working overtime despite this adversity and keep releasing bleeding edge technology.

One has to only look at recent Github activity, it is clear that privacy projects are ramping up their development and delivering on their roadmaps, with projects like, ZCoinPIVXZCashMonero and Particl, to name a few.  It seems like the crackdown is not slowing these privacy projects down and Alias is confident in the need for its tech and tools as well.

Privacy for the users is at the heart of everything we do,” says Eirik Korsell, Project Steward at Alias. “ attempt should be made to criminalise digital privacy; it should be an undisputed right.

Alias has come a long way and the team has delivered a range of superb technology:

  • Developing a unique Proof-of-Stake protocol using ring-signatures; facilitating a private staking mechanism not seen before in any other crypto currency.
  • Integrating Tor as a part of the code-base; providing robust network security, protecting users’ real-world IP address.
  • Solving a well-known privacy issue affecting decoy-based currencies like Monero and Grin, by developing unique algorithms to mitigate this. (see link below)
  • Ensuring the full software could run on a Raspberry Pi; providing a low-cost, eco-friendly option for those with low-powered devices.
  • Soon to release a world-first for an Android app, fully-featured Anonymous Proof-of-Stake (APoS) allowing mobile users to earn rewards, while maintaining their right to privacy.


Why the Re-brand?

The brand evolution will better reflect what Alias seeks to communicate, and achieve, and will better enable it to fight the stigma of online privacy. At the same time it will differentiate us from many other “Spectre” named projects. Eirik says, “We wanted a name which sounded more like a currency, felt more mainstream and brought a more positive vibe to the project and it’s innovative and useful technology.” “We’re working to enhance all our communications towards reaching a broader audience while continuing to develop our advanced privacy technology.


Why the name ALIAS?

Creating an online persona or “alias” can be one way to help protect oneself against the intrusions of a hyper-connected world. An alias allows for a greater amount of separation between personal and online life. Ultimately it provides an easy way to be online and less of a need to worry about potential threats from cyber criminals.  This rings true for one’s financial life and thus the name was a perfect fit.

Alias also understands there are situations where private transactions are unsuitable, thus allowing its users to choose between a public or private transaction.  They have made it possible to offer this alternative without compromising the secure private transactions; preserving the right to privacy and championing the freedom of choice.

Alias is ideally positioned to excel in challenging the competition, leveraging its unique set of privacy features. Alias offers an intuitive, easy to use wallet, top level security and the ability to earn as you save, and supports the new digital economy with a fast, secure, digital cash solution.



We have updated all exchanges and other info sources such as CoinMarketCap, Coingecko and Blockfolio and others. It will likely take some time for exchanges to update but the core software does not change and trade will continue as usual. You can still use XSPEC addresses as they are the same as the new ALIAS addresses. We will keep you updated until we are confident that all exchanges and other auxiliary services have updated.

Everyone needs Alias!



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About Alias:

Alias (nee. Spectrecoin) was born out of a desire to create a simple, borderless, private cryptocurrency; improving on Bitcoin’s original idea with more robust privacy protocols and a more energy-friendly network through the use of Proof-of-Stake. Alias has a highly competent core development team comprised of a software architect and a software engineer with decades of experience. Alias aims to position itself at the forefront of the decentralised privacy revolution.

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Alias - privacy to protect your money

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