Most Fun and Profitable Game -

Most Fun and Profitable Game -

By Sp427 | Sp101 | 22 Feb 2021

Bored of crash and dice? One of the unique features of is the numerous high quality games of all kinds. Through playing, I found a fun and profitable strategy in the game stairs. Stairs is an exciting game because of the randomness that each click brings.

First, go the the stairs game.


This is what your screen will look like once you select the "7" - which I will show below.


It is important that you choose 7 because this gives you the multiplier that is seen in the first picture. You can adjust the bet amount, but I suggest to make it 15-20% of your starting crypto balance. Additionally, I suggest to use crypto other than BFG because BFG is earned through other types of currency being bet.

Once this is set up, you are ready to play. Either select a stair on the first level or press "Autopick." Cash out if you win; If you do not win, try again. It is very rare to lose more than twice in a row - if you do, do not panic and increase your bet. 

If you select a stair that is safe or autopick selects it for you, cashout and earn 1.46x your bet amount. Try to get a few 1.46x wins in a row, then once you are on an upswing, try to go to 2.31x. It is okay if you fail, in this case try to get one to two more 1.46x wins before trying to move to the second level of the staircase.

If you are brave and lucky, leading to a successful bet up to the second stair, I suggest you cashout. Unless, you are on a great winning streak and are able to add more risk into this strategy. Do not try to cashout on further than the first stair if you are on a losing streak. Remember the saying, "Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered." Meaning, whether you are a conservative or a risky better, do not give in to greed.

This gambling strategy is both entertaining and effective, but if you are more of a traditional gambler I would suggest that you use my dice and crash strategies.


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