Best Gambling Strategy -

Best Gambling Strategy -

By Sp427 | Sp101 | 18 Feb 2021

Through experience on, I would like to share a gambling strategy I use that works well. It is important that you read all steps in order for success.

First, go to the dice game. Set the odds so that you have a 49% chance of winning - resulting in a 2.01x payout for every win. Next, have your bet increase by 100% on each loss. I suggest you use a crypto-currency other than TXT. This is because each time you place a bet, win or lose, you earn mining power which then results in TXT.  The greater the amount of currency you are starting with, the easier it will be for this gambling strategy to work. Start off with a healthy amount of crypto, bet in low amounts - then watch your crypto and mining power grow overall.



Shown in the image above - an exact bet you could use. Starting at the minimum amount, the bet will increase until it goes over the amount I entered, or until I stop it. Notice the "Stop if amount over" part of the bet. This is crucial because a losing skid is inevitable if you are placing lots of bets.

Of course, with every gambling strategy there is risk. However, through personal experience, this strategy leads to great success when executed properly.  I suggest to try not to get greedy on losses; Remember that you are just as likely to win/lose on a risky bet as you are to win/lose on a conservative bet. Good luck and feel free to comment if this strategy works for you or if you have any additional suggestions.


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