Best Gambling Strategy - Crash Edition

Best Gambling Strategy - Crash Edition

By Sp427 | Sp101 | 21 Feb 2021

Crash gambling is one of the most popular forms of crypto-gambling. Watching the numbers rise and hoping it does not crash is a thrill that many enjoy. Through playing crash, specifically on, I have learned a strategic way to profit off of this enjoyable game. The strategy discussed in this article will be very similar to my dice strategy

First, go to the crash game. Once there, go to auto bet and set your bet similar or the same as the following:


Notice how the bet amount is starting at minimum. This is important because on losses your crypto will be multiplied by 2x, therefore it is wise to start with a low amount. Also make sure to set a healthy "Stop if bet over" amount. I would suggest for gamblers to set this amount to 25-30% of their starting value of crypto.


Keys to success: 

1. Use the 2x, do not increase - During crash rounds, you will see times where it shoots up to 20x, and several rounds of 1.3x and 0x. To avoid this randomness, make sure to keep the "auto cash out" set to 2x. This way you are protected in case of a losing skid.

2. Use currency other than TXT - If you are using, mining power is essential to being a successful gambler. With this strategy, you will accumulate lots of mining power, unless you use TXT.

3. Avoid greed - The only times this strategy has failed for me is when I get excessively greedy. Note than losing streaks are going to happen, take your lumps and try to focus on the mining power instead of the decreasing crypto. It is of course acceptable to make risky bets, but this strategy is for avoiding as much risk as possible.


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