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By Sp427 | Sp101 | 8 Feb 2021


While both websites are fundamentally similar, they also have key differences. For crypto gamblers, specifically in the United States, BetFury and Trustdice are both very rewarding and fun sites.  In this article I will review these differences in order for readers to know which site best suits their style of gambling.


Daily Rewards

Trustdice provides its users free crypto every 6 hours, giving a selection of EOS, BTC, ETH, USDT, TXT, VITA. These rewards are on average much more valuable than that of Betfury's 20 minute BTC bonuses.

Which is better?

For those who are looking to deposit a decent amount of crypto to gamble, I suggest trustdice. This is because the higher rank you become in their ranking system, the quicker you earn this free crypto -  dropping down to hourly claims. However, this will take a while (or some big bets) due to the numerous ranks you have to climb. 

For those who consider themselves grinders, I would recommend BetFury. Therefore, if you are not looking to deposit, or are looking to put a small deposit and try to work your way up using strategy and website rewards, BetFury is ideal for you. The 20 minute rewards, although much less in value, prove very useful for smart gamblers that are willing to work.


Reward Systems

Both websites are similar in terms of their reward systems with a couple of differences. TrustDice uses TXT, which is earned through gambling any of the other currencies on the website. With this txt that you earn every 24 hours, you can either gamble it or lock it. If you lock it, you claim daily rewards. This is different from BetFury's BFG token, which you gain instantly every time you bet a currency other than BFG. Once you obtain ten of these tokens, you can start staking, meaning you get daily rewards.







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