By SouthernFried | SouthernFried Art | 16 Sep 2023

Hi PublishOx! 

It has been a while since I have posted here. I hope everyone is well! 

This year has been my breakout year, with my art going to NFTLA, NFTNYC, & NFC in Lisbon. I'm also in Drop 2 Supernova & Drop 6 Nightmare in ArtPacks Season 1. 

It is a new platform, that is similar to Top Shots, you purchase a pack, and get 5 artworks. You can check it out at the site, I have a lot of new links and collections now also, I would love for everyone to check out. In ArtPacks, we also make a WIP video. So you can see how I create my animations in Deforum. I have added my cent page at the bottom , it has all my links plus I giveaway free NFTs daily there, and you can also purchase some with debit/credit card there. (Polygon chain) Also added my newest Deforum collection on OpenSea, All my latest musical animated NFTs on Eth, All 1/1 with Unlockable Original MP4 file. Please do check out my latest works. And grab your Artpacks!!

Follow me on X and insta to see my newest works! Links below! 

Interested in a one hour FREE AI Art class weekly?? I offer this every Tuesday in my Discord Channel. 

Happy Weekend!!

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Artist That Has Fallen Madly In Love With Creating NFTs back in 2019. Created Digital Artworks since 2002.

SouthernFried Art
SouthernFried Art

My 2023 art journey

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