What is #DASH? … and why use it?

What is #DASH? … and why use it?

A cryptocurrency, a project, a vision, privacity…

just a idea…

Dash originally was created as a bitcoin-like project



In January 2014, Dash was born with a vision focused on the characteristics of transaction speed, ease and, above all, privacy, and the latter uses a very interesting data privacy model, that is, because it uses a modified version of a protocol called CoinJoin, to make private transactions through a process of mixing transactions and for anonymity those transactions, these require an activity the chain, that is, they need other users who also want to make a private transaction to mix those transactions this is how they want to hide it So much so that it could be a long time before the dash transaction is fully anonymized, some have documented that mixer times last a few hours for small amounts and even days for big amounts.

About its reliability, you have the option of making transparent transactions on the one hand, but you also have private options, when an individual uses the private shipping option the origin of the coins is unknown, which means that when using this option the project is Expendable because no history of past transactions can affect the importance of the currencies in the future. many of them would consider this to be a strength for the centralization argument of their network and although 1000 Dash coins are required, which is depending on the price of the date this issue is made (05/20/2020) they would be approximately US $ 76.41, which is US $ 76,410, which represents a lot of money for normal people, but he did not know It would be a barrier for a large financial institution or entity or also for a government so that they can obtain some and compromise the privacy of their transactions, but the biggest barrier that these projects have always face has always been skepticism.

But the strategy that the company carries in its mix of currencies in private shipping transactions, only depends on how much liquidity or how many network users and there are also complaints that the process of mixing currencies is very slow, however, the team is pointing in a different direction, they are trying to reach mass adoption and it is a currency that is being accepted by some legitimate merchants in various countries, you can even get a DASH visa card through a shift card Android app and also at TenX.



The block size in DASH

It’s 2 megabyte block size with a 2.5 minute block interval, but the team plans to increase the block size to 400MB in the long term

We can speak thousands of wonders of DASH, but it can not help us if we do not acquire them, there are different methods, but the one we will focus on is InstantSend

BUT after of all… Where buy DASH?

There are many options from centralized or decentralized exchanges, wallets with installed exchanges, for some examples:

Let's talk about some of the most important things DASH has:


It works to instantly send funds to any other Dash user around the world.

“InstantSend functions by setting a flag, causing deterministic selection of a quorum of 10 masternodes for each input spent in an InstantSend transaction. The masternodes examine the input, and if a majority determines it has at least six confirmations, they then accept the transaction. The input is then locked until the transaction has been confirmed in six mined blocks, at which point the output can be used as an input in another InstantSend transaction. This differs from inputs used in normal transactions, which can be spent after just one confirmation regardless of whether the Dash was received using InstantSend or not”



This is the strict operation of the InstantSend, but in short, it is the validation and anonymity for a transaction to be more secure.



Those are all my reasons to bet on this project, I feel that we are facing a good time to be part of one of the best projects in the world of technology.

Somklorios Baskerville
Somklorios Baskerville

Tech lover cryptocurrency buff knowing more is a passion

Somklorios Baskerville
Somklorios Baskerville

Blockchain enthusiast // technology lover // Fintech // stay you crypt The main idea with these publications is to put ideas into a couple of little heads for a more technological and honest world

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