Are You Saving Or Just Mining Crypto?

Are You Saving Or Just Mining Crypto?

By sugah | something To Remember | 4 Jul 2019

351665157-073eb4924b6f5832f54a54c5f807129ea9a5238de085201e561d733d91980e35.jpegFinancially speaking, "saving money " can be seen as the act of economizing; or reducting in cost.

Saving plays an important role as to why the rich gets richer and the poor..... poorer.

Imagine what happens to man who lacks this great skill.....✌😔

if saving money means reducing cost, then it means that it increases profit.

And who does not want more profit? Well definitely not me. I want to be profitable.

it also means that saving money actually adds value and since I am an ambassador of progress through adding value, I will just share with you some useful tips to help you get the best out of your saving.

Here are a few tips to help you economize more effectively.

Pay off your debts first. ...

Start small. ...

Separate your savings. ...

Earn interest on your money.

And lastly DONT STOP!!!

Because If You Are Saving, You Are Succeeding.

I remain @sugah


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something To Remember
something To Remember

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