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By I_g_o_r | Some news | 19 May 2024

The Post Millennial hack leaked data impacting 26 million people


Hackers deface potentially hundreds of local British news sites


Rain exchange suffered $14.1M in suspicious outflows 2 weeks ago — ZachXBT


Helsinki suffers data breach after hackers exploit unpatched flaw


Solar Storm Knocks Out Farmers' Tractor GPS Systems During Peak Planting Season


$20M exploit cripples Sonne Finance, hacker in no mood for negotiation


Nissan North America data breach impacts over 53,000 employees


Crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe sells all his Bitcoin; Here’s why


DNS Tunneling Used for Stealthy Scans and Email Tracking


Why Tokens Are Like Gold for Opportunistic Threat Actors


Stolen Poloniex Ether worth $53M never made it back to the exchange


Singing River Health System: Data of 895,000 stolen in ransomware attack


As phone theft surges, how can you protect your financial data?


Brothers charged with stealing $25 million in Ethereum in 12 seconds


MITM Attacks Can Still Bypass FIDO2 Security, Researchers Warn


MediSecure e-script firm hit by ‘large-scale’ ransomware data breach


CertiK discovered $5M security flaw in Wormhole bridge on Aptos


Largest non-bank lender in Australia warns of a data breach


Ex-NIH Director Confirms 'No Science' Behind 6-Foot Distancing Rules


Cyber attack on a agricultural association in Belgium


500 Victims In, Black Basta Reinvents With Novel Vishing Strategy


Android Malware Poses as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat to Steal Data


Equalizer DEX hacker drains funds: Users warned, investigation underway


Banco Santander warns of a data breach exposing customer info


SideCopy APT Campaign Found Targeting Indian Universities


Alex bridge on BNB Smart Chain drained of $4.3M after suspicious upgrade


Cyber attack on a city government in California, USA


Breach Forums Admin ShinyHunters Claims Domain Reclaimed from FBI


DeFi protocols Sonne Finance and ALEX Lab lose over $24 million in separate hacks


400K Linux Servers Recruited by Resurrected Ebury Botnet


IoT Cameras Exposed by Chainable Exploits, Millions Affected


The US DOJ indicts two brothers for allegedly stealing $25M in crypto via an exploit of the MEV-Boost software used by some Ethereum validators


China busts $1.9 billion underground banking operation using USDT


Arup lost $25mn in Hong Kong deepfake video conference scam


HP Exposes Low-Effort, High-Impact Cat-Phishing Targeting Users


WebTPA data breach impacts 2.4 million insurance policyholders


Hong Kong Officially Launches Digital Yuan Payments Pilot


Santander Falls Victim to Data Breach Involving Third-Party Provider


Memecoin launcher claims ex-employee behind $1.9M exploit


Wireless Industry Fined Yet Again For Selling Very Limited ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans


Two students uncover security bug that could let millions do their laundry for free


The first international treaty on artificial intelligence adopted by the Council of Europe


Three-year-old CPU beats Intel's fastest current chip in RAM benchmark


Physically healthy Dutch woman granted approval for assisted suicide due to chronic depression


Tether Partners With TON To Bring USDT-to-Fiat Transactions Using Oobit Mobile App


US Power Grid May Become Unreliable This Summer, Watchdog Warns


US arrests two Chinese nationals in $73 million crypto scam

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Some news
Some news

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