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My new favorite coin ......hehehe

By Sugarfix | Some Crypto Things | 11 Feb 2021

Every now and again you have to buy something just because it tickles you. Sometimes its useless and the novelty wears off after a month or two and sometimes well know it just runs and runs. For example Pirate Coin with the ticker ARRR. I mean you just have to don't you? You buy them when you need to go visit a client wearing a suit. They do a bit of small talk and what you did earlier comes up and you explain that you bought 1000 ARRRs which you explain extremely deadpan until you come to the "ARRR" part where you go full on pirate for just under 1 second complete with the screwed up face and one shut eye. After which it is full deadpan serious mode again.

I'm also looking forward to the day when I can go to a liquor stare and ask for a bottle of rum and a parrot and be told that will be 10 ARRRRRRR please!

Ok - back to my point. What was it? Oh yeah a new favorite crypto. - Handshake. "That doesn't sound very interesting" I hear you say. What it does is actually quite interesting. Not quite the usual garbage using the same old tired crypto-marketing phrases however the kicker is what each handshake is divided up as ......

1 HNS = 1,000,000 dollarydoos.


The dollarydoo is a stroke of genius.


I had to go buy some. You can buy yours here

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