Setting up my actioncam inside the bee house

By Solominer | Solominer | 21 May 2019

Using my full sized camera it must stay outside of the bee house. Being on a tripod I cannot get it in very close, but using my little SJCAM I can set it up right at the opening. The bees were a little curious about it, but went back to the work shortly after.



At the time I did not know adding light their homes would disturb them. So when I turned on the light they emerged from their homes and starting flying all around in their bee home.


You can see the little bees stirring around the top of the home, they kept bumping into each other and falling down.


After awhile they left the homes and flew off to somewhere else. It was going to start raining soon so I felt bad for them, and hope they would come back without being hurt by the heavy storms coming through.


The LED lights I use are around 5000k in color temperature, which simulates day light. Due to this it triggers the bees. I may go with something lower like in the 3000k temp and maybe they will do better with that light for when I film them.


I ran the two lights in series, they are 110v lights so no ballast is needed. Just wired in a plug and they work well.

I left an opening on each side for air flow and for another path for the bees to take. It also helps me to hook my lights on the wall and the cables can be ran through there.



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