Planting strawberries in raised containers

Planting strawberries in raised containers

By Solominer | Solominer | 13 Apr 2020

Im giving growing strawberries another try, previously I grew them in the ground without any raised containers. It did not work out well as the bugs got to them very quickly. So this time around I plan on doing it differently.



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I bought these from Stark Bros, they came in a variety pack. So I have different kinds of berries. Hoping my Bees cross pollinate them and make stronger berries.


They may look dormant now, but as soon as I water them the green leaves will emerge.


A problem with growing strawberries are the Ants, they tend to get to the strawberries before I can and Ill find them eaten from the inside out due to them. So my solution to this is to suspend the strawberry plants.


I watched some guides online and learned how to use rope to make a suspension system to hold pots or anything else. I used some old 1 gallon coconut oil containers.


Using a blowtorch, a piece of wood and a hack saw I was able to make openings in the 1 gallon containers, so I can stick plants in the sides of them. Instead of just having them coming out the top.


It may look a little funny but as long as Ants and other critters dont get to my berries before I do its okay.


Getting them outside and placing dirt in the containers straightened them out a little bit. I place the plants as layers, separated by a few inches of dirt.


The first layer of strawberry plants, got four of them on each level poking out the sides.


Once they were arranged so each plant has the root space it needs, I placed a layer of dirt over top.


I placed another layer of dirt on top, and then one strawberry plant on top out where the lid would go. Giving me a total of 9 strawberry plants per 1 gallon container. Giving close to 30 plants with three containers.


After planting them in the containers I still had extra. So I got creative and found more raised containers around the garden to place them in. I think I have nearly 50 strawberry plants.

Luckily I love berries and plan on making jams, and dehydrating them. Hope I can keep up.. haha


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