Making planters out of old food containers

Making planters out of old food containers

By Solominer | Solominer | 30 May 2020


Using coconut oil containers I cut and then heat up the sides to fold them out, giving me spots to place plants in. Strawberries is what I am planning on growing in these. And since making this video they have been doing pretty good. I made this video a few months back, and really happy with how they have been performing. I was worried they would crack or split falling apart after I modified them, luckily that has not happened and they are still holding strong.

I saw someone online do something like this but to larger containers, using what I had I adjusted my technique to these smaller containers and adding eight openings to each container gives me alot of room for plants. I heat up the wall and then once the plastic changes consistency I use a stick to press the plastic out while its hot. Doing this in a cool garage causes the plastic to then cool down and reform into the shape I want.

It takes some practice, I over heated a few of the openings and made them a little too droopy. It just makes it look funny but I dont think it affects the plants.

Using a hacksaw I cut into the side of the containers, then using sand paper I clean off the little plastic particle dust left behind. Otherwise it will burn and leave a bunch of black spots on the containers. I run my sand paper through the slit and then get to heating up the containers.

Using a camping propane tank and a brazening attachment used for plumbing. And a lighter to get the torch going.

The first container I heat up a little too much and poke through the plastic. Though as I do more trial and error helps me figure out how much pressure I need to apply.

The labels on the containers should be taken off as they tend to burn, mine could not easily be removed so I just left them.

This video is an hour long and I build four containers during this process, I think I got the hang of it near the end though still sometimes mistakes are made. Heating up too hot or pressing too hard.

Using rope and some knots I am able to hang up these planters, away from critters trying to eat my Strawberries. And since they are food grade plastic containers I feel better using them for plants. Using three of them attached by rope I can have thirty or so strawberry plants, giving me berries to eat every day starting in late May.

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