High Speed Gardening - Video Lapse

High Speed Gardening - Video Lapse

By Solominer | Solominer | 8 Jun 2020


I had a few clips I made during the early spring that I did not use in any other videos. So I put them together to make a short video lapse compilation. I put a random audio track in the video as its usually without sound when doing video lapse. I start off the video going through old Mason Bee cocoons. Clearing out the ones that the bees have already hatched from. A few have not hatched yet so I place those back in the 3D printed containers @whangster79 made for me. The bees emerge from these incubators when the temperature has warmed up enough.

In the second part of this video lapse footage I sand down the bee boards and place them into the cubby box I built for them. When I routed them it left behind some burs so I needed to get rid of them so the bees dont get stuck on them or block the homes when the planks are placed together. I put all the homes into the cubby and hug @activate.alpha aka Lovely Logic as she had to leave the house for something.

Lastly I plant my Evergreen Huckleberry plants, found good spots to dig up some dirt and added them into the holes. Since then some of them have died but some others are still holding on. This is my first time growing Huckleberries and from what ive read they are very slow growers so ill just let them be and hope for the best.

Looking forward to the yard work and Bee husbandry ive been doing. Should pay off with Huckeberries and many more Bees in the future. I need to build more homes soon, as some people are interested in buying them. And I need to finish filling up the cubbys with more planks.

LBRY Video Link

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