Spreading The Word about Read.Cash!!

Spreading The Word about Read.Cash!!

By Solar Phasing | Solar Phasing | 26 Jan 2020

Hello Friends, :0)

Today, I'm here spread the word about Read.Cash 

I wrote an article a few days ago to present quickly this new blogging platform powered by Bitcoin Cash users Tips. 

So, yes, as I said it previously, in the first place, the quality of the site surprised me in a very positive way. Fast navigation, ergonomic, quality content, engaged community, reactive team, pretty nice functionnalities. You will feel home instantly! 




Writing your stories

You can draft as many articles you want. A good point, because not all the sites provides this option. Publish0x do it! Good too. A click on the text field will open the editor options: images, embedded, links, and all the things you need to write a good article.

The Ed is pretty simple, fast and effective. Save at any time to preview your stuff as if it was published. The drafts are visible on your home page too,  only visible yourself. Another one cool feature, I think. I recommend you to put the right hashtags before publication, you're not limited about it. A good Lead Image will speak for you too. And set the language target.

The ED



Once your article is published, you will find Communities. Join as many you have interest in, and submit your articles to these community channels. The ones I use are moderated, but my articles are validated or rejected fast. Don't take it for you if your publication is "skipped" or "rejected", just try to understand why, and try again. It's all about thematics. If you feel the necessity to create your own community channel, you can, and it's free! You can also follow Hashtags, then linked publications will appear on "your Communities" (see the last image below).


Multi-languages accepted and welcome, and you can even select the languages you want to see in your feed! And it's also a great tool to write for your native language friends.

Language Selection


Read.Cash is obviously a good source of information about Bitcoin Cash. About that, I must admit that I am on the way to becoming a "Adept" of Bitcoin Cash. Maybe I already am, haha. Anyway, I love this cryptocurrency! I will explain why on a future article.

I'm doing a lot a Tweets: you can find me here. I'm also on SteemitMindsCent and more.. I have already brought a few people here. I hope to bring more. I am happy to bring my modest stone to the building.

Let's go back to Read.Cash, I love the site, that's it. I have a good feeling here. This feeling comes from the fluidity of navigation, the interface of the site, the options offered, the warm community. Not to mention, Bitcoin Cash, and the donation system implemented to support content creators!


The filtering options of your feed. As you can see it, English, Spanish and French publications of all users are on my feed.

Filter options

Join me on Read.Cash!


Have a peaceful sunday! Some music for it.

Orbital Phase I - Solar Phasing



See you soon! Much Love
Thank you very much for your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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Solar Phasing

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Solar Phasing
Solar Phasing

French experimental music composer.

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