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Solar Phasing

French experimental music composer. Long Long time Gamer. Scifi and Space fan. Comics. Kind of Geek. Crypto invester/enthousiast

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Solar Phasing

My Satoshiwall Music

3 days ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hello Publish0x, :0) As an independent composer, I'm still looking to new ways to sell music. And, as I said it before, Bitcoin Cash is the best crypto currency to sell music from the artist to the music lover. The best advantage are the low fees. Yo...

Music Creative Process

4 days ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

  Hello Music Lovers, :0) Today I will speak about the creative process. How things usually take shape. I like to start from scratch because you never know what will be created and where you're going to go. It usually starts this way: I start my equ...

"Relics" - (2017) EP [MUSIC]

6 days ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hello Space Rockers! :0)   Now Available on SatoshiWall!At $0.50 in BCH - Bitcoin Cash.Relics  Solar Phasing. (EP) Released: September 21, 2017. For Crosschain Promo BitcoinCash Music Adoption.         Get The Unique Collectible Marble Card: https:...

Digging, seeking, reflecting..

1 week ago 2 minute read Solar Phasing

Hello Publish0x friends, I would like to quickly go back to all the series of articles that I have written recently on the possibilities that an independent musician can have to monetize his music on the blockchain. Whether for the series "Monetizing...

What does SatoshiWall offer us?

1 week ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hey Guys, :0) What does SatoshiWall offer us? The possibility of selling/buying digital goods with Bitcoin Cash adoption. Services, ebooks, music, software, etc.. Take the case of Cain, here on Read.Cash, who uses the platform to create puzzles. Crea...

Monetizing your music on the Blockchain, an inside view (Part 2)

1 week ago 3 minute read Solar Phasing

Following the first part: feel free to read it or read it again. A global visionIt will take several years before blockchain-based music platforms become popular. By popular, I mean adopted and recognized by everyone, including ordinary people, havin...

Masters of DOOM

1 week ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hey guys, Some of you probably run Doom on a DX 33 or something like that when the game was released. DOOM! A revolution in the video games world at that time! & Lot of fun! I remember running the demo before buying the game after a PC upgrade. Becau...

SatoshiWall, Get "In Slow Motion" at $0.50 in BCH

3 weeks ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hello Music Lovers, :0) If you read me regularly, you've probably read my music articles and researched about a way to monetize music and art with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As a reminder, the first reflection, and the second. I decided yesterday to impleme...

Resistance is futile!

3 weeks ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

  Hello Publish0x Friends, Humble Bundle just released today a new Comics Bundle called: Star Trek 2020 (by IDW). It's a great one, especially if you are Star Trek Fan! Check it out: The Comics Bundle start at $1.. up to $15 to get all the issues....

An Update about: Bitcoin Cash and Music Microtransaction?

3 weeks ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing

Hello Friends, A few days ago I was writing a little reflection on the possibility of monetizing music with Bitcoin Cash. I got some very interesting information through the messages left by many users, everywhere. Today I am making a small compilati...