Authpaper – Integration of Blockchain Technology into Data Delivery

By Legal | softcoin | 15 Aug 2019


The world is experiencing a rapid transformation and the role of Technology can not be overlooked. Prevailing establishments and startups are beginning to realize the importance of technologies. However, in spite the enumerable benefits of new technologies many sectors and system still maintained the old methods of operation.

Data Delivery for instance, still operates within the old circle of operation thereby functioning below par. In fact billions of dollars has been lost to the old method of data delivery. Thanks to the developers of Authpaper data delivery platform.

Authpaper Delivery is a system that tends to foster on the decentralization, transparency, immutability and security of data delivery. It is a paradigm shift from the old data delivery system. Authpaper is a BT-based decentralized platform for data delivery and it is powered by the Blockchain. In order to build an efficient peer-to-peer digital data delivery system, authpaper combines different technologies like blockchain, BT and other contemporary technologies.

Summarily, Authpaper Delivery platform is a digital delivery platform for the transmission of data by clients with the following distinctive properties:

  •  It delivers data confidentially that only the expected recipient can read.
  • The platform maintains all the records of data delivery to serve as a prove of data delivery to expected recipient.
  • The delivery record is made public and verifiable yet unforgeable via millions of computers involved in the chain.
  • No privacy data will be kept on the platform unless the necessary data – like time of delivery, recipient email address and identifier of the data.
  • Authpaper is a completely decentralized platform; activities of intermediaries are eliminated . No individual or party can control how the data is executed and no party can alter any record on the platform.
  • Nodes on the platform can keep and deliver data to the recipient, and thereafter remove at wish, the data for economic reasons.
  • It is possible for a client to send data to the platform for certification. And the certified document will be made available for public, bearing supporting evidences of the source and upload time of the particular document.
  • It is also possible for clients to send a data to the platform for recipients’ signature. Document signature record is also kept on the platform in addition to the delivery record as stated earlier.
  • Unless if the hardware size (like hard disk size) is limited, authpaper has no limit for data delivery. Even nodes with insufficient storage can also partake in the platform / data delivery and get reward.

Authpaper developers have developed their own Erc-20 Token (AUPC) to be run on the Ethereum Blockchain. AUPC is the official token/coin of Autpaper, which will be tradable to other cryptocurrencies when listed on exchanges.
Token Name: Authpaper
Token Symbol: AUPC
Public Sale Start Date: 15th March, 2019
Public Sale End Date: 15th August, 2019
Price of AUPC token: 0.001 ETH
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH


Authpaper intends to create 400 million of its own coins. However, certain amount of AUPC (worth 750 thousand dollars) had been sold in 2018. But currently Authpaper is in an ICO phase to raise assets towards the full listing of their coins on specific exchanges.
For details about Authpaper project, kindly refer to the links below:








Bountysuite Username : Spot
Eth Address : 0x44432E4371824332828505EB9358A5c52b289EE0



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