The Results: Social Experiment - How much do you tip the authors on Publish0x?

By wonderman | Social Experiments | 1 Oct 2019

For those of you that haven't seen the original post explaining this "public experiment", please see here:


Otherwise, let's dive in... The results are in. THANKS to everyone that has contributed!

I have to say I was hoping for more responses but didn't want to pester people too much if there wasn't interest. I must say the telegram post did pull in half of the responses though. So may be I should have done more of that... 


Popularity of the post


I don't know how this compares on the scheme of the whole platform, but the post received 203 views. So it must have grabbed a decent amount of people's attention.



Response rates


Unfortunately, of those 203 people, not many have felt interested enough to do a 15 second survey. This was a little mind boggling to me because I could see that many people were tipping the article but couldn't invest the time to do the survey. Overall 24 people looked at the survey. However, 7 of them chose not to complete it. So the overall response rate was 70.8%






I have to say, since only 17 people responded, I am not sure if this will be super scientific but it's still interesting to see the distribution. Some key observations:

  • ~24 % of the respondents said they tip 20-30% to the author, meaning they believe the publish0x default model should be the opposite.
  • Remaining participants seem to believe the author should receive at least 50% of the tips, but there is a spectrum between 50-100%.
  • ~18% of the respondents believe 90-100% of the tips should go to the author. 



So there it is.

Thanks again for everyone that read, tipped and participated.

If you have any comments please add to the comments...

- What do you think of this survey? Was this interesting for you?

- What could have convinced more of the 203 readers to respond or those 7 people that looked at the survey to answer? 

- Do you agree with the responses? Or do you think a bigger sample would have shown a different picture?


Oh, and I am leaving the survey up. I will check back on the results in one week time... and post if there are new results coming in to change the overview. If you havent responded but want to contribute, please answer the survey:



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