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The Evil That IS: AI

By X15 | Social Deception | 6 Mar 2024

Why do some people think they can give the world over to AI?

The Evil that lurks today is AI. Few see danger, where most see utopia and cannot see the disaster that lurks with the unapologetic worship of AI.

AI, hailed has humanity's savior by some. I would venture to say it will be humanity's downfall. You will bow and worship AI or you will be radicalized as a enemy of AI and of course the digital society of the minds of madness.

With the self appointed elites are the cancer of AI, they wish to destroy this world with their techno hive mind of digital illusion.

Why are people living in the world of digital illusion as if it was real? Bitcoin is no more real than CBDC, its all illusion. It does not matter how many blocks the computer can solve for the reward of bitcoin or other crypto, it is all illusion. 

You cannot hold it in your hand its fake. Oh, the illusion of reality is real but yet it cannot stand on it's on. 

So now we see the self appointed telling the serfs of this world we will have CBDC and you will use it or you will not be able to participate in their world of illusion.

How long before they introduce fake food as the steak in the scene in the Matrix where the man betrays humanity all for the illusion of fake reality.

This is what AI offers you. A fake reality, with a fake world, with fake people, with fake money and fake lives.

This is the EVIL that is: AI fooling people into a digital reality as fake as the words projected on the screen.

Reality does not exist in AI, the art is fake, the music is fake, the thoughts are fake and the entire world of AI is the delusion and confusion of reality. Now I hear many pro AI people saying if you hate technology and interfere with their plans they will attack you. OK. I get that. But let me ask all of those people a question. As your AI becomes invasive in my world do you expect me to bow to your interfering with my NON AI world? Funny you  threaten people if they try to stop you using AI to become a self appointed god. But when your godhood invades my NON AI reality you have made yourself an enemy. So remember your threat to the world ,when your AI invades and destroys my NON AI world. It will be you, the self appointed gods that will be the ones hunted down and destroyed for your arrogance and complete lack of foresight into the nightmare you are unleashing on humanity. 



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Social Deception
Social Deception

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