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Why do we need a second Hive account?

By Enrique Yecier | Social Crypto | 30 Jan 2023

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The truth is that it is not necessary to have more than one Hive account. Since you can use the same account for all kinds of activities, from content creation to trading.

However, as your status within the Hive community increases, so does the probability of being personally identified. An action that could put your privacy at risk.

It is true that we can create generic users or accounts that have no link to our real identity. But it is also true that many times it is necessary to put our real data, especially if you want to build a personal brand or establish yourself as an authority on a topic.

In these cases, a second account provides an extra level of anonymity for managing our finances. Well, it allows you to maintain a certain distance between yourself and the accumulated monetary value. This to some extent protects us from being targets of attacks and extortion.

However, it must be borne in mind that the frequency of direct transfers from one account to another can make it easier to identify that the ownership of the funds is ours. Although there is always a safer alternative to make this type of tracking difficult.

To achieve greater security, it is necessary to make a Hive -> BTC LN -> Hive bridge. We can achieve this using multiple platforms, but the fastest and most effective has been the platform. Once you have converted the HIVE or the HBD to the Bitcoin Lightning Network, you can convert them back to Hive through this platform by depositing them in your second account.

In this way, you make sure that no one can trace the destination or origin of your hive stored in your anonymous account back to you.

Now answer me in the comments, do you think it is necessary to have a second hive account? Do you already have one?

I would love to know your opinion.



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