Suggestion for marketing / mass adoption campaign model in details for HydroPay.
Suggestion for marketing / mass adoption campaign model in details for HydroPay.

By Snow Under Sun | SnowUnderSun | 10 Jul 2019

HydroPay is an innovative crypto based payment app from . It was launched last month in Google Play Store and now it is at the stage of adding some unique features for reshaping payments sector. 


Previously I posted headlines of a community based marketing model for mass adoption of HydroPay. here is the link :


1- Raw version of model is :

if any member of the community convincing a small business ( merchants ) or medium size website for use HydroPay to accept payments from customers, member will win 100k Hydro award. The relevant firm / website should announce it clearly on their web page / facebook page that they accept payments via HydroPay, and the persuasive person must notify the team before that announcement.

If the relevant firm already listed in conventional stock exchanges or website has monthly visitor traffic more than 250 thousand people, award will be tripled , (300k Hydro)

If member convincing Forbes 500 size company or the website with more than 1 million visitors per month, the member will rewarded of 1 million Hydro to convince the company - website,

Result : community members will effort willingly to businesses and websites in their country to accept use HydroPay. This makes the spread of Hydro usage much more well known. Marketing team can use this as perfect tool.

The maximum reward : the team will distribute for this will be 50 million Hydro.

All figures are rough examples and subject to change by team , according to the budget  & criterias. 



2- Key points of above multi-targeted marketing campaign model 

Objective : Ground shaking adoption of HydroPay app launch, starting from "DAY ONE" when app launch.

Inductive marketing : Using network power of worldwide distrubuted community for rapid mass adoption.

Targeted output : Enchanced brand ( HydroPay ) image, country & sector based after-campaign analysis for more functional marketing on next products, improved global marketing intelligence, increased community focus & perception, mass usage of Hydro via HydroPay. Create satisfied and loyal individuals & entities.


3- Campaign rules :

Reward Approach : First come, first serve

Campaign Period : max 3 months after campaign launch. HydroLab has rights to end campaign earlier if goals achieved. 

Offering limits : Each community member can apply for bring maximum 5 HydroPay point-of-sale as clients on each category. If all 5 successful at transaction quotas in campaign period, please contact marketing DAs for your add-on offer of further additional bringing HydroPay point of sale / clients.

Offering rules : Campaign applicant should already contacted and must already convince the ( HydroPay point of sale ) merchant-small-business-websites-corporates before apply to HydroLabs for being named on applicants tracking list.

Entities should post clearly about that "HydroPay accepted" with hashtag HydroPay and tagging projecthydro account in facebook, twitter, website, etc in their announcement post. This should be done within 5 days after being applicant offered them to add list. if fail, offer will deduct from list.

Cheating and tricks against campaign : HydroLab expects all applicants join the campaign in goodwill and HydroLab prepared detailed campaign conditions against cheats and tricks for misuse of campaign. HydroLabs has rights to disqualify any applicant if detect any inappropriate conducts.

Applicant should fill below details in the form :

a- their business entity

b- their official social media account profiles such as facebook, twitter, instagram and their website if available

c - their HydroPay ID 

d - applicant HydroPay ID

e- applicant's telegram nick, twitter name, id card-passport name, phone number.

Applicant definition : All community members, website owners, merchant/small business owners and company-corporate executives.

Entity qualifications & categorizations :

a- different level of monthly visitor traffic for websites as mentioned above.

b- stock exchange listed corporations

c- giant corporates such as listed in Forbes 500

d- small business and merchants should be multi-store or should be nationwide well known brand. 

Reward payments : if an entity reach the transaction quota, reward will pay to applicant HydroPay ID at the 10th day of following month.



4- Transaction quotas : 

Goal is individuals use Hydro via HydroPay for payments to merchants, small-midsize or if possible big size companies and different size websites.

Each kind of that will have categorized transaction quotas 

Rewards will be activated after offered entity reach targeted transaction quota in campaign period.

Transaction quota based of sum of Hydro tokens that entity get transactions to their HydroPay.

All should be done by HydroPay to HydroPay. transfers from wallets/exchanges will not counted.

More than 2 times payments from each HydroPay ID will not be counted to prevent any misuse of campaign conditions.

Each transactions to specific HydroPay point-of-sale ( merchants. businesses, websites and corporates ) should be in logical and reasonable amount of Hydro. ---- Example : If applicant bring McDonalds as HydroPay  and its transaction quota is "example" 10,000 USD equivalent Hydro for a month in the U.S. .Any transaction above median bill such as 500 USD equivalent Hydro payments to McDonalds is unlogical and will not be counted.

Note for team : Campaign is for worldwide and prices of any item are not same everywhere. Country based tailor-made transaction quotas and rewards required. it can be done in easy way.

example : Set up quotas & rewards for each category for the U.S and use some index such as local purchase power to set other countries required criterias.

this kind of index can easily use in excel formulas for calculate each country quotas and rewards.  Countries can be categorized for grouping too.

lower quotas and lower rewards for low income countries will make balance for HydroLab's desired achievements.


5- Internal workflow 

A team member will keep below data on excel. Most parts filled by applicant during offering entity.

1 - Entity name ( fill by applicant )

2- Entity Country ( fill by applicant )

3- Entity business sector ( fill by applicant )

4- Type of entity ( merchant, website, corporate ( fill by applicant )

5a- number of stores if merchant ( fill by applicant )

5b-monthly visitor traffic if website ( fill by applicant )

5c- name of stock exchange and ticker if corporate ( fill by applicant )

6- Entity facebook official account profile link ( fill by applicant )

7- Entity twitter official account profile link ( fill by applicant )

8- Entity official website ( fill by applicant )

9- Entity HydroPay ID ( fill by applicant )

10- Entity HydroPay connected ether adress link ( fill by team member )

11- Applicant legal name ( fill by applicant )

12- Applicant Telegram nick ( fill by applicant )

13- Applicant Facebook profile link if available ( fill by applicant )

14- Applicant Twitter profile link if available ( fill by applicant )

15- Applicant HydroPay ID ( fill by applicant )

16- Payment status to prevent double payments ( fill by team member )


each HydroPay ID of point-of-sale is connected to an eth address. tracking transactions and check validity and logic of transactions once a week in sheet. 

team member will send list of quota-achieved entities to vice president and to marketing manager. list will be send to treasury for add to paylist after both confirmations.


6-Disclaimer :

All above suggestions on marketing model are my personal opinions as a community member and all above are NOT campaign by HydroLab. Just my thoughts about build a detailed marketing campaign for giving idea to the team.  


I really hope that team will read above and maybe get some useful parts in this model for develop it further.



Snow Under Sun
Snow Under Sun

A westerner in Thailand. Previously,13 years Sales Executive in a Forbes 500 company and 6 years HR executive in a multinational company. Crypto trader since 2015.


A westerner in Thailand. Crypto trader since 2015. Previously Sales Executive in a forbes 500 company.

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