McAfee will launch DEX today.

By Snow Under Sun | SnowUnderSun | 7 Oct 2019

Famous former antivirus tycoon John McAfee will launch DEX as of October 7.


According to the his announcement, there will be no restrictions on McAfeeDex.

No KYC, No jurisdiction based restrictions and transactions will be private.

Is it mean that McAfeeDex open its doors to North Korea, Iran, Venezuella and some other black listed countries and people ?

What will be the reaction of FATF ?

how this Dex will avoid CAATSA ?

if no restriction on listing some scam or ponzi tokens, how will not violate blue sky laws ?

many questions on my mind. 


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Snow Under Sun
Snow Under Sun

A westerner in Thailand. Previously,13 years Sales Executive in a Forbes 500 company and 6 years HR executive in a multinational company. Crypto trader since 2015.


A westerner in Thailand. Crypto trader since 2015. Previously Sales Executive in a forbes 500 company.

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