$0 to $1000,000 DAY 1/90 +$39.05

By SniperMax | SniperMax | 7 Feb 2019

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 1/90 +$39.05


So, as announced in previous post, i set myself a challenge to get from $0 in crypto to $1000,000 in 90 days or less.

I will focus 90% on Bitcointalk bountyes as there is really a huge choice and faucets became highly unprofitable and 10% on casino free chips and shitcoin trading.


In day 1 i will count in translations that i have done a day ago for SEDO token and Blacer coin.

Those 2 easy translations paid me 0,36ETH that i converted into 0.01 BTC.

Today ive made bunch of bounty tasks at bounty0x platform but not counting those untill bounty campaigns are over and tokens paid.

First post ive made here on publish0x platform had better success than i expected, so netted about 690 BNTY tokens as well.

Found a translation on bounty0x platform, contacted admins of the project and they gave me a green light. Translation has over 100 pages so that will keep me busy for a week at least. Meanwhile i will try to do as many smaller tasks as possible.




There is no way im spending any money in gambling while completing this challenge, however many casinos offer no deposit bonuses and/or faucets so when i have some extra time, ill use those to earn any possible income from them.

Today i used Phun.io

Maybe some of you are fammiliar with Bitcoin crash games. Phun is exactly that with exception they use BCHSV for play. I used it before and decided to login today. I was chatting for a while and got tipped 300 bits. Used those bits to play and made it to 51,000. So 0.051 BCHSV netted there today. Left 0.001 for further play, cashed out 0.05. (If there are any gamblers, above link is my affiliate link, you may use it to signup).



BTC: 0.01 ($33,60)

BCHSV: 0.05 ($3.15)

BNTY: 691.75 ($2.30)

TOTAL: $39.05




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