Sports Fans Pay Attention!

By Sneijder | Sneijder | 11 May 2019

Better Betting

BetterBetting or BETR is a project with the goal to revolutionize sports betting. They created their own cryptocurrency called the BETR token, which "will establish truly decentralised sports betting." 

How to bet

Betting there is quite simple. All you need is a BETR wallet, which you can get by simply registering with a username/E-Mail and a password. The site to bet on explains itself for the most part. Currencies you can bet with are Ethereum or the BETR token named above but according to the founders more currencies will be added in the future. They offer the most important bets like the NFL, the top soccer leagues and a lot more.

The BETR token

The token once was over 0.09$. It is listed on various exchange sites like HitBTC, Changelly and many more.

So register today and be part of a revolution. The revolution of sports betting. :)

Register here:



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