Some NFT Surprises 😱 ⚡

Some NFT Surprises 😱 ⚡

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 26 Feb 2021

What has snuck into my WAX wallet this time?

So I will admit that the past two or three weeks I've been super busy. I haven't been up on my WAX wallet or even checking its value. I figured since I finally had time to sit down and breathe today, I'd catch up on some of my lesser priority platforms and social medias. Of course the first thing I saw when I got into was a post about NFTs and it jogged my memory. So I went to my Tokenhead right away and began to start sifting through the collections to see if there were any new and fun NFTs to look at.

You have to remember that I am getting these NFTs airdropped into my WAX folder because I hold a fortune cookie NFT. That fortune cookie NFT was given to me as a gift by Bm8ter and has allowed me to collect some really unique cards. He is the one to thank for these articles about NFTs!

I'm going to go ahead and share the new NFTs that really caught me eye. There were more that I could share but they weren't all that interesting. That is not me saying that they aren't as important or as special to me, but they just don't have anything flashy or funny about them. They serve an important purpose, just maybe not to be shown off. 


I really enjoy this Banana themed NFT because I have really been getting into the BANANO and CryptomonKeys projects. I also got a banana themed Zox band this week. So there is something about bananas that are sticking out to me. All I know is, "stay silly". That would be the best way to describe the vibe I'm getting from these banana themed things. 


This one looks to be a promotional NFT of some sort. I'm guessing the project is cat related, so I would think it's safe to say that their collection might be different breeds and styles of cats? I can see it being fun to own an army of Maine Coon cats! Oh, I wonder if there will be kittens...


I really liked this one because it follows the same formatting as the other fortune cookie NFTs, but it decided to change the food item from the cookies to burgers. It was a nice change of pace. Also, those burgers look really good so I am pleased with the art quality on this NFT.


This NFT must be a promotional for the Splinterlands crypto game. I have personally never played the game so I don't know what anything means, but I thought it was a cool looking character. You can tell it's a special promo because there is a digital hole punch on this card. This is the first time I've seen that hole punch idea, and I thought it was pretty clever. 


I picked this one out because I just really liked the quote. It is some advice that I think we should all take more seriously. There are plenty of times that I have gotten myself in trouble by deciding to open my mouth and say something about something. 


I know there is some sort of early internet meme behind the image on this NFT. I think it was far before my time or it might be tok obscure for me to actually be able to peice together. Either way, I thought it had a cool design and the character looked like a badass, so I figured it was worthy to share here as well.

So there was the whirlwind tour of some of the new NFTs in my collection. I don't really plan on ever needing to exchange or sell these, so hopefully this collection will continue to grow. 

Did you see anything you recognized? Want to expand upon a card that I might have been incorrect about? Let me know in the comments!



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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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