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rYou Using rPlanet?

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 10 Feb 2021

Well, rYou?

Don't worry it's just a little play on words. Today I want to expand briefly upon a service called rPlanet. It's an interesting project that I have come across while playing Alienworlds and engaging with their community.

In a nutshell, rPlanet is a platform to which you can cannet your WAX wallet. From there you can choose to stake some of your extra NFTs from a range of different projects. This staking will earn you a certain amount of Aether each hour. Different NFTs will produce different amounts of Aether each hour.

You're probably wondering what Aether even is! It is another token running on the WAX blockchain. There are plans to integrate Aether into an upcoming rPlanet game, but as of right now it does not seem to serve a purpose. So why am I gathering Aether if there is no purpose? Funny you should ask...

On the Alcor exchange, you are able to connect your WAX wallet and find a pairing for WAX / Aether. As of right now, it would take a large chunk of Aether to even be close to 1 WAX. But, these different blockchain tokens and game currencies love to be super MICRO, so we don't mind getting into the decimal points!


I am currently staking any extra NFTs that I earn while playing Alienworlds. There is a class of card called abundant. These earn 0.600 Aether an hour. Then there are common cards, and these will earn 1.000 Aether an hour. So far these are the only two types of cards I have earned and staked. There are more rare types of cards but I have yet to earn those while mining.

As of writing this, I have a mixture of abundant and common cards being staked over at rPlanet. Altogether there are 46 cards there. I am earning 28.4 Aether each hour. Which is 681.6 Aether each day. And this number will only increase since I am still playing Alienworlds and mining more NFTs.





I don't really think it will be worth it for me to exchange my Aether over to WAX at this time. So I am going to hold onto it and see what it does once the rPlanet game is released. I might get lucky for holding onto these bags! I hope any of my readers that have been getting into the WAX blockchain and all the related projects and games can benefit from this.



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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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