Ring Fit Adventure - 10.21.2020

Ring Fit Adventure - 10.21.2020

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 21 Oct 2020


Another day, another workout in the books. Today's focus was on arm strength and dexterity. As it turns out, I do not have much of that!

We did a lot with the Ring Con today! There were plenty of pushing in and pulling out involved. The resistance in the Ring Con always feels nice. I would consider it a legitimate piece of equipment even if the game controller aspect was taken away. 

I know for sure that I will be feeling this in my biceps tomorrow. Which probably isn't a good thing because my mom has asked me to help her move furniture all tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Anyway, onto those juicy stats!





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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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