Hunt With Me for the Next Emerging Exchange Token for Under 0.00001

Are You Ready To Make Ourselves Wealthy? Maybe we can do it together...

I have an idea and also some information to share that might be very useful for many of us here on Publish0x and beyond.

Exchange Tokens are the best way to become wealthy. That's if you're serious and honest about making money with Crypto.

Take some time DYOR and then return to this post, because the only way you will agree with me at this point is if you come to the same conclusion.

The only way to do that is to look at 2018-2019's explosive year of new exchanges and their ecosystem coins, their opening value and their current value, and then you'll realize just how simple it could be to rake in a few millions.

Let's Go Hunting


I'm going to reach out to you the reader and ask, do you know where a new, soon to be listed, exchange and their token can be found?

I have found a couple and the price tags for these tokens are close to ideal. The problem is that some of these exchanges aren't listed yet, may never come to fruition or could possibly be scams.

Hitmex for example: Haven't found it listed anywhere as a legit exchange, and I own a small portion of their tokens. The problem is, unless they hit the market and make a good run, this exchange might never make it. The technology on the exchange is archaic at best and it's possible Hitmex could be a scam. I'm not 100% sold either way and bought in on the idea that it could be a scam. Maybe you know something I don't. Let me know.

Maybe this will be a winner? Bitfex? Heard of this one yet? Priced moderately low enough and could very well springboard to the moon. What do you think?

Any ideas? Input? Suggestions? 

The idea here is to help one another. I can only research so much. 😆

Let's explore this together. 

If you know of a legit exchange coming out with a low cost token. Leave me a link in the comments.

Meanwhile, I will update this as often as I can while I dig into exchanges and tokens that could, possibly, might, maybe, hopefully, pay off big time.


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